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To those of you that were among the roughly 3,000 attendees of the GPU Technology Conference, thank you from all of NVIDIA for your participation. From Adobe and Autodesk to Weta Digital and Zoic Studios, we had the cream of the crop of the broadcast, film, post and media creation industries all in one place in an intimate gathering that let us share best practices, and share valuable feedback between the leading thinkers in the industry.

Below you will find a wrap up of GTC - including the introduction of the exciting new NVIDIA GRID Visual Computing Appliance and a head’s up on NAB so you can plan your visit, ask us questions and make the most informed decisions about how you apply technology to your workflows.

As always if we can be helpful to you in any way, hit reply or contact one of our regional experts:

Michael Kaplan (Americas)
Alex Micallef (Europe, Middle East and Africa)
Arthur He (China)

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Greg Estes
Greg Estes
GM, Media and
Entertainment Industry

NVIDIA unveils industry's first Visual Computing Appliance

NVIDIA® GRID™ Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) enables businesses to run media applications such as those from Adobe and Autodesk and deliver ultra-fast GPU performance to any Windows, Linux or Mac desktops. You can even run Windows apps like 3ds Max on a Mac or Photoshop on a Linux workstation, with high-end NVIDIA GPU power and performance. Learn more

GTC 2013 Rewind

Luminaries from across the media and entertainment industry shared innovative thinking and demonstrated their successes empowered by GPU technologies. Some highlights:

   • NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang’s keynote sketched out the future where mobile, desktop
      and supercomputer technologies intersect in powerful and surprising ways. Learn more

   • The industry visionary Douglas Trumbull shared the thoughts about the history and current
      state of high frame rate production. View the speech from Doug Trumbull

   • ESPN talked how GPU-powered solutions helped the facility sharpen live sports coverage and
      enhance the consumer viewing experience. Learn more

Come back at the end of April to visit GTC2013 On-demand and view all the sessions available to the public.
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Media Applications and Technologies

GeForce GTX TITAN transforms PCs into personal supercomputers

Developed on the innovative Kepler™ architecture that empowers the world fastest supercomputer, GeForce GTX TITAN provides an entirely new class of performance for PCs. Learn More

MAXON teams up with Adobe for next-level digital media content creation

MAXON just announced a strategic alliance with Adobe to further collaborate on technology.
Learn More

NerVve speeds video search 666 times realtime

NerVve Technology’s NVSS system uses NVIDIA GPU’s to search video or imagery both forensically or live for any object of interest at 20,000 frames per second (one hour of video searched in five seconds), returning Google-style ranked results with the highest likelihood objects first. First developed for Department of Defense and National Intelligence markets, NerVve now brings the ability to search video archives and imagery at extreme speeds to the broadcast and media customers. Learn More
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NAB Preview

Meet NVIDIA GPU experts at NAB 2013

NVIDIA is showcasing how broadcasters, visual-effects artists, animators, and others across the media and entertainment industry can accelerate their creativity and streamline workflow using the latest GPU technologies and partner software. Demonstrations featured in NVIDIA’s booth include:

   • On-demand creative and design applications with the NVIDIA GRID VCA
   • Simultaneous animation, simulation, and rendering
   • Accelerated color grading
   • High-speed video production
   • Next-generation content experiences with NVIDIA Project SHIELD™

For more information, download the NVIDIA NAB 2013 Show Guide

Also, visit NVIDIA at NAB booth SL3905 on April 8-11, 2013. Enter the sweepstakes to win one of two NVIDIA Quadro K5000 (PC or Mac) graphics cards!

Adobe to preview the next generation professional video and audio products at NAB

At NAB, Adobe is previewing the next generation of its professional video and audio products with new features for NVIDIA GPUs (NAB Booth SL3910). More will be unveiled at Adobe MAX, The Creativity Conference, May 4-8 in Los Angeles.
Join Adobe at NAB booth SL3910

Autodesk to demonstrate the latest Digital Entertainment Creation 3D and Creative Finishing solutions

The newly-released Autodesk Digital Entertainment Creation 3D applications of Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya work with NVIDIA GRID VCA to deliver Quadro-performance with full GPU acceleration to any Windows, Mac and Linux desktop. Also learn how NVIDIA GPUs accelerate Autodesk Smoke professional video editing and effects software.
Join Autodesk at NAB booth SL3316

Elemental Technologies to showcase real-time HEVC/H.265 encoding in NVIDIA GPU accelerated systems

An Elemental Live system will encode HEVC/H.265 streams in real-time for delivery to mobile and PC devices. HEVC/H.265 promises to deliver high-quality, high-resolution video over bandwidth-constrained networks. Its computational intensity complements the extreme processing performance of NVIDIA GPUs.
Join Elemental at NAB booth SU2724

Boris FX empowered by NVIDIA OpenGL hardware acceleration

See Boris Continuum Complete in action and see how its filters take advantage of NVIDIA’s OpenGL hardware acceleration to provide an interactive effects design experience. Cutting-edge motion graphics artist John Dickinson and Toolfarm’s Michele Yamazaki will be on hand to demonstrate Continuum Complete’s broadcast graphics and image restoration tools.
Join Boris FX at NAB booth SL4327

Matrox takes advantage of NVIDIA GPUDirect SDK in new DSX LE3 output card

The new Matrox DSX LE3 4K output card for developers provides support for 3G SDI Level A and B at 4096 x 2160 60p. The integrated NVIDIA GPUDirect SDK offers low latency and high throughput data transfers at 4K resolution with the NVIDIA Quadro GPU series.
Join Matrox at NAB booth SL4616

Digimetrics is announcing full support for NVIDIA Kepler-powered GPUs

With CUDA acceleration to Tape Hit and Perceptual Visual Artifact Detection tests, Digimetrics Aurora file-based QC suite for Kepler (Tesla K20, Quadro K5000) brings substantial performance improvements to streaming media, broadcast distribution and post production.
Join Digimetrics at NAB booth N3833

Red Giant powered by NVIDIA Quadro GPU technology

Feed your need for speed. The new "Use GPU" checkbox makes Red Giant’s Denoiser II 1.4, together with an NVIDIA Quadro K5000 graphics card, run 3 to 4x faster than Denoiser 1.3.
Join Red Giant at NAB booth SL3728.

eyeon showcases NVIDIA-powered workflows at NAB Demo Suites

Join eyeon at NAB 2013 as they introduce their NVIDIA-accelerated Production Pipeline. Fusion and Generation demos include: (1) eyeon Production Pipeline, (2) Film visual effects beyond 4K, (3) High frame rate (120 fps) 4K stereo production and (4) Television visual effects/motion graphics with eyeon Connection/Fusion for Avid. Learn more.
Join eyeon at their deluxe demo suite at the Renaissance hotel, Las Vegas

Cinnafilm updates Tachyon for partners’ transcoding workflows

Tachyon, Cinnafilm’s award-winning standards transcoding product, has been updated with cutting-edge image processing algorithms and integrated into Harmonic’s ProMedia Carbon pipeline. Tachyon is also available as a plug-in for Wohler RadiantGridTM, Telestream VantageTM, and Root6 Content AgentTM.
Join Cinnafilm at NAB HP booth SL9605

Realtime Immersion to unveil new 4K camera for 220-degree wrap-around video experience

4K video from the new Realtime Immersion system is captured and streamed in real-time using NVIDIA CUDA acceleration for an amazing 220-degree experience that gives users the ability control pan, tilt, and zoom within the video. NVIDIA GPUs power the RAW color processing and dewarping pipeline to ensure smooth playback.
Join Realtime Immersion at the Wynn hotel, Las Vegas

GenArts unveils latest Sapphire 7 at NAB

GenArts, the premier provider of specialized visual effects software, is debuting the latest version of their CUDA-enabled Sapphire plug-ins, running on an NVIDIA Quadro K5000, at NAB. Sapphire 7, with its increased performance, numerous control variables, and expanding arsenal of effects, empowers users to create higher quality effects in less time.
Join GenArts at NAB booth SL4224

ROOT6 ContentAgent delivers Advanced Frame Rate Converter accelerated by NVIDIA Tesla GPUs

ROOT6 Technology’s new Advanced Frame Rate Converter option for ContentAgent eliminates the time consuming returns to baseband for high quality standards conversion. Created from the ground up for file-based workflows, this new tool facilitates not only the traditional PAL/NTSC conversions but expands across all frame rates and resolutions and deals with field order / progressive / cadence issues.
Join Root6 at NAB booth SL7428

Telestream demonstrates their latest video transcoder powered by NVIDIA GPUs

Telestream will showcase its newest GVP-accelerated video transcoder. Vantage Transcode IPTV VOD utilizes multi-pass x264 for H.264 encoding and Telestream Lightspeed™ technology to produce the highest quality images at the fastest possible speed and at the lowest bitrates. LightSpeed accelerates video processing and H.264 encoding on parallel GPUs, including NVIDIA and multicore CPUs.
Join Telestream at NAB booth SL2605
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Customer successes

Daniel Simon designs futuristic cars for Hollywood movies with GPUs

Auto-futurist Daniel Simon discusses designing fantasy vehicles for a variety of movies, including Tron: Legacy, Captain American and the upcoming Tom Cruise film Oblivion, with the power of NVIDIA Quadro GPUs. Read more

Pixar using GPUs to minimize latency in computer-generated animation

Recent advances in GPU technology push Pixar’s CG animation production capabilities even further, including NVIDIA Kepler architecture for speeding up the movie-making process. Read more

Art And Animation Studio's FurryBall GPU renderer speeds production

Art And Animation Studio, a Prague-based production company, developed FurryBall GPU final-frame renderer to accelerate their own productions including Goat Story—Old Prague Legends, a 80-minute animated feature released to acclaim in Czech cinemas. FurryBall is now available commercially. Read more

SGO Mistika to finish Star Trek Into Darkness

Bad Robot Productions purchased an SGO Mistika conform and stereo 3D system for several projects including finishing Star Trek Into Darkness. Mistika is accelerated by NVIDIA Quadro GPUs through CUDA. Read more
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Events Summary
GPU Technology Workshop Asia
Learn and share how advances in GPU technology help scientists, creative professionals, developers, researchers, engineers, and IT managers tackle their day-to-day computational and graphics challenges with peers in Asia.
Register for the Singapore workshop on April 23rd, 2013, featuring guest speakers from Richmanclub Studios and NTU MAGIC
Register for the Malaysia workshop on April 25th, 2013 at Kuala Lumpur, featuring guest speakers from Rhythm&Hues and MDec

Join NVIDIA at NAB to see how GPU technologies power broadcast solutions from over 50 leading companies, including Adobe, Autodesk, Blackmagic, Chyron, Vizrt, and many more. This year at NAB, NVIDIA will be showcasing new broadcast workflow-acceleration tools that take advantage of next-generation GPU technology. Visit booth SL3905.

When: April 8-11
Where: Las Vegas Convention Center
            Las Vegas, NV
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