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Media and Entertainment Industry Newsletter
Volume 3, Issue 12 See Previous Issues

Thank you for being part of the NVIDIA Media & Entertainment community.

This month includes quite a number of new updates to GPU-accelerated applications from our software partners. Check out the links below for details.

You will also find a special subscriber code below for 20% off attendance at the GPU Technology Conference. GTC is a must-attend for not only developers but also decision makers who need to stay on top of what is possible in content creation and distribution workflows. GTC is also the place NVIDIA often debuts new technologies, and as such is a key event during the year for anyone involved in graphics technology.

From everyone on the NVIDIA Media & Entertainment team, we wish you all a joyous holiday season.

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Greg Estes
Greg Estes
GM, Media and Entertainment Industry

Citrix and NVIDIA launch virtual GPU technology worldwide

The new NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU™ technology released on Dec 16, 2013 lets businesses offer cost-effective, secure and graphics-intensive applications to designers and engineers wherever they are. This virtual GPU technology lets users access and use all their office productivity and design applications, virtually, from nearly any device—even on their own notebooks and portable devices—just as they would at their desks. Now NVIDIA GRID vGPU is available on Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenServer. Learn more
Blog: True hardware GPU sharing with XenDesktop and NVIDIA GRID arrives

Media Applications and Technologies

Autodesk announces certification of NVIDIA® Quadro® K6000 for Flame

The Quadro K6000 GPU card is certified with the release of Service Pack 2 for Autodesk Flame Premium 2014! Visit the AREA for the blog and interview with NVIDIA about how the K6000 boosts performance.

The Foundry releases Nuke 8

On December 5, The Foundry introduced their advanced compositing application, now featuring artist-friendly color grading tools, advanced 3D controls, and an NVIDIA GPU-accelerated BlinkScript node. Demos ran on a Dell T7610 workstation with NVIDIA® Quadro® K6000 graphics that "smashed through everything," according to product manager Jon Wadelton. See the recorded event and download the app

Tweak Software unveils AJA and Blackmagic support for RV-SDI

Tweak's dailies, review, and collaboration software combines GPU-accelerated image processing and color management with 4K, 2K, stereo, and 10 and 12-bit SDI output. Tweak RV-SDI leverages NVIDIA GPU Direct-to-Video performance to support SDI solutions from AJA available now and Blackmagic Design available in January. RV-SDI is on sale now! Learn more

Brevity brings desktop app and patented technology to file transmission

Brevity's new, free Desktop app enables anyone to adopt its patented pipeline protocol technology for simultaneous transport and transcoding. This allows file transfers to and from any location in the world. Learn more

FurryBall 4.5 GPU renderer now available

AAA Studio has added asynchronous progressive rendering to FurryBall. Now, you can continue working in a Maya or 3ds Max viewport while FurryBall progressively renders in the background with NVIDIA® OptiX™ ray tracing. Save 40% through December 27th. Learn more

eyeon Generation updated to drive collaboration

Spearheaded by pipeline gurus including Legend3D and Blur Studio, eyeon released a landmark update to their Generation playback, review, and collaboration system. Metadata processing in a workflow-defined environment brings everyone together on the GPU. Learn more

Telestream Lightspeed accelerates video processing with NVIDIA

Telestream provides enterprise-class video transcoding and workflow automation products for the most demanding M&E companies. Using the latest NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU-compute technology, Lightspeed Servers enable broadcasters and other media providers to achieve rapid deployment of episodic/live sports content to viewers on any device. Learn more and see customer success.

Korea's CJ Powercast chooses Quantel Pablo Rio for 4K and UHD

CJ Powercast has purchased an NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU-accelerated Pablo Rio color and finishing system and Neo color panel to support its move into 4K/UHD production for broadcast and multimedia applications. Learn more

Customer successes

ZOIC Studios empowered by NVIDIA GPUs

NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs helps ZOIC Studios build custom tools, such as ZFB, and an efficient workflow to allow artists to focus on the artistry of shots, rather than the technical pipeline. Quadro GPUs also help ZOIC Studios address the challenging virtual production of episodic, feature, and commercial projects. Watch video

Elementary, Resolve, and NVIDIA

Tony D'Amore uses four of the latest NVIDIA GPUs to color grade multiple television shows at amazing speed. Learn more about how he grades CBS's Elementary on DaVinci Resolve.

Mistika enhances Justin and the Knights of Valour

KANDOR Graphics used Mistika's color grading to finish its 3D CG fantasy feature film using SGO's Mistika and NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs. Learn more

Jump Studios, NVIDIA, Adobe, and PNY help predict the future of NASCAR drivers

ESPN chose the multiple Emmy® Award-winning production company, Jump Studios, to create a cinematic, high-profile TV teaser for the NASCAR Sprint Series, Chase to the Cup. They used NVIDIA® Quadro® CUDA®-enabled GPUs and Adobe® Creative Cloud™ to accelerate the project. Learn more

Mistika selected to post Russian war epic STALINGRAD

Mistika technology uses NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs to accelerate computations involved in all visual effects, pushing the boundaries of creativity. Mistika's advanced toolsets helped to deliver larger-than-life historic Battle of Stalingrad scenes to the giant screen—the first Russian movie ever to be completed for IMAX® 3D. Learn more


GPU Technology Conference 2014: Media and Entertainment Summit

Registration is open for NVIDIA's second Media and Entertainment Summit at GTC 2014, March 24-27, 2014 in San Jose, California. It gives leading producers, visual-effects artists, post-production professionals, broadcasters, and software developers a unique chance to discover best practices, network with peers, and advance the industry. Register today and use a dedicated M&E newsletter subscriber code (GM20NMEN) to save 20% before the early bird deadline.

Webinar: Sculpting reality with Precision: Tech secrets to Linkin Park's hit music video

View the recorded session and learn why Ghost Town Media switched operating systems from Apple Mac OS to NVIDIA® Quadro®-based Dell Precision workstations right before the start of video production for A Light That Never Comes. Explore Linkin Park's collaboration with DJ Steve Aoki that led to a musical masterpiece with over 2 million views on YouTube.


[0x1] Iray® ForMaya® to be released early 2014

[0x1] Software und Consulting GmbH has integrated NVIDIA® Iray® into Autodesk® Maya®. The first integration of Iray as an independent production renderer in a digital content creation product will be released early 2014. At the CGI Workshop 2014 in Hamburg on February 20-21, 2014, the [0x1] team will demo IrayForMaya live on stage.

Are you an NVIDIA® CUDA® developer or interested in the leading edge of GPU development? Check out our CUDA Newsletter!

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