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Media and Entertainment Industry Newsletter
Volume 4, Issue 2 See Previous Issues

Thanks for being part of NVIDIA's media and entertainment community.

It's just about time for GTC 2014, the GPU Technology Conference and we're very proud to have such great customers and partners giving insights into their workflows and the work they are doing to expand what's possible in the creation and distribution of digital content. Below you will find links to the talks and a special discount code for readers of this newsletter. Among the highlights will be a keynote session from Pixar on Wednesday March 26th. Attendees will also be treated to the world debut of some new technologies, and a chance to meet and swap ideas with product experts from a wide range of software and hardware companies in an informal setting.

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Greg Estes
Greg Estes
GM, Media and Entertainment Industry

Industry leaders speaking at Media and Entertainment Summit of GTC 2014

Attend our annual GPU Technology Conference and get a concentrated dose of insights and access to leaders working at the cutting edge of media and entertainment technology. Honored speakers include:

  • Damien Fagnou, Global Head of VFX Operations, MPC Film
  • Mike Romey, Head of Pipeline, Zoic Studios
  • Dirk Van Gelder, Engineering Lead, Pixar
  • Tim Heidmann, Chief Instigator, Serious Intent
  • Peter Walsh, Chief Emerging Technology Engineer, ESPN
  • Jules Urbach, Founder and CEO, OTOY Inc.

When: March 24-27
Where: San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California
Register now and use code GM20NMEN to save 20% off. This special offer is only available to our subscribers. Learn more.

NVIDIA to present latest rendering advances in Autodesk 2015 products at GTC

Get insights from NVIDIA's Advanced Rendering team about the latest enhancements to capabilities and workflow within Autodesk's upcoming releases of Maya, 3ds Max, and Softimage. Learn the latest in mental ray and iray from professionals who help integrate these technologies, and from studio customers on how they are leveraging it. This 80-minute tutorial (S4721) will be held on Monday, March 24, at 9:00 AM in Room 210C. Learn more.

Media Applications and Technologies

Chaos V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max released

Chaos' new V-Ray 3.0 for Autodesk 3ds Max adds support for GPU final-frame rendering. Speed and simplicity are at the core of V-Ray 3.0. With additional support for NVIDIA® CUDA® and render elements, V-Ray RT GPU is now final-frame ready. Learn more.

RED releases NVIDIA® CUDA® support in REDCINE-X PRO (beta)

RED Digital Cinema has released REDCINE-X PRO (BETA) v23.1 with CUDA GPU support. An NVIDIA Quadro® K5000 or K6000 can provide 4K+ RED RAW de-bayering, color processing, and scaling at over 24 fps — features that previously required a RED ROCKET. Learn more and download.

FurryBall 4.6 GPU Renderer now available

The latest FurryBall release adds ray-traced subsurface scattering with texture blending from the surface into the object, layered materials, real camera behavior with multi-pass depth of field and a shadow terminate problem fix. It also supports basic Arnold, Mental Ray and V-Ray materials. Meet FurryBall on March 26th at GTC. Learn more.

Magma pairs ROBEN thunderbolt 2 expansion chassis with NVIDIA GPUs

Magma's ROBEN-3PX2 and PS2 with NVIDIA GPUs empowers the serious video and design professional to work beyond the limits of their laptop or expansion-less tower. Learn more.

GreenButton adds NVIDIA® mental ray® to cloud rendering service

GreenButton now includes NVIDIA's Academy Award-winning mental ray renderer in their production proven, highly scalable, on-demand cloud rendering solution. Anyone can now have the rendering power of a major studio and pay for only what's used. Learn more.

Sony Movie Studio Platinum speeds ahead with NVIDIA

Released at CES 2014, Movie Studio 13 Platinum takes full advantage of NVIDIA GPUs. Users can take their projects to the next level with ease, agility, and speed. Learn more.

NVIDIA GPUs give Sony SpectraLayers Pro the speed to succeed

Released at NAMM 2014 and recently updated, Sony SpectraLayers Pro 2.1 is loaded with dynamic eye-candy features that take full advantage of NVIDIA GPUs. Learn more.

EditShare releases Lightworks 11.5 with NVIDIA GPU support

The latest release of Lightworks 11.5 includes powerful background import, render, and export utilizing the power of NVIDIA GPUs on both Windows and Linux. Learn more.

NVIDIA's Cg toolkit no longer actively supported

The Cg Toolkit is no longer under active development or support, and Cg 3.1 is its last release. While NVIDIA will continue to make it available, we do not recommend using it in new development projects. Instead, we recommend GLSL or HLSL for Windows applications. Learn more.

Customer successes

How NVIDIA Quadro helped power Vizrt's real-time Super Bowl graphics

Super Bowl XLVIII broke television records as the most-watched broadcast sports program in history. Key to engaging audiences in the game are the dynamic graphics that play out on-screen, providing analysis of complex plays, or the latest stats on a team or player in real-time.
Learn how Viz Engines powered by NVIDIA Quadro made it possible.

NBC using Brevity transport and transcoding at Sochi Games

Brevity has been providing simultaneous transport and transcoding technology to the NBC Olympics, simplifying the workflow and enabling significant bandwidth optimization for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. Learn more.

BaloOm finds new ways to use the GPU rendering in PoustEx

The PoustEx animated short film production has been a source of innovation and challenges for BaloOm Animation Studios. GPU-based rendering has been intensely used to generate fast, high-quality, high-resolution previews. From the beginning, BaloOm was certain NVIDIA GPUs would be the perfect choice to improve performance and quality. Learn more.

Hinge Digital explores Food with MDL using NVIDIA Iray, NVIDIA® Quadro® and Autodesk Maya

Hinge Digital from Portland, Oregon wanted to see how Iray performed in their production pipeline. They signed up for the early beta program of the 0x1 IrayforMaya plugin to create a 30-second short animation. Check out what went on behind the scenes of this project to learn how Iray improved their production pipeline. Learn more and see the final animation.


Adobe eSeminar: how to optimize your system for peak performance

Learn how some hardware configurations affect performance when using video products in Adobe® Creative Cloud™. You'll also discover what graphics cards will get the most out of Adobe Premiere® Pro CC and After Effects® CC. Register now to join this eSeminar on Feb 27.

The Foundry announces MARI Texture Challenge winners

Winners of The Foundry and CGSociety's MARI Texture Challenge were recently announced. The overall winner, Andrej Otepka received an NVIDIA® Quadro® K6000 card as well as prizes from HP and The Foundry. Artists used Mari to texture and bring to life a sci-fi hover bike model created by famous designer Harald Belker. Harald's vehicle and prop designs have appeared in numerous films, including Total Recall, Oblivion, and the Batmobile in Batman & Robin. Check out all the winners.


Latest NVIDIA® Quadro®, NVIDIA Tesla®, and NVIDIA Grid™ Solutions Power 4K and Beyond at BVE in London

Over 20 software vendors, resellers, and manufacturers will be showcasing NVIDIA-powered solutions at BVE on February 25-27. See faster-than-realtime RED de-bayering, NVIDIA GRID-powered virtualization, GPU ray-traced rendering, as well as the latest 4K broadcast graphics, editing, and VFX tools. Come to the PNY/NVIDIA booth (P30) and meet our team. More about BVE.

Dell and NVIDIA Green Room at SXSW

Stop by the Dell and NVIDIA Green Room at SXSW in the historic InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel to network with technology and film experts, see demos of the latest Dell Precision workstations powered by NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, including the Dell Precision M3800, designed and certified for film and video production workflows, or just relax and hang out with product experts from Dell and NVIDIA during daily happy hours! Learn more
When: March 7-11, from 10am to 6pm
Where: InterContinental Stephen F Austin Hotel

Your chance to shoot on a Red DRAGON

REDucation is coming to Berlin, March 12-14 and New York, March 17-19. Shoot on DRAGON, learn to use DRAGON workflow, and watch your personal footage in 4K. Learn more.

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