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Thank you for being part of the worldwide community of NVIDIA GPU users within the media and entertainment industries. Our goal is to provide our readers with helpful information on the latest GPU-accelerated solutions for digital content creation and distribution, as well as inside information that might be helpful to you in your work.

At GTC 2012, NVIDIA announced revolutionary technology that takes NVIDIA GPUs to the cloud. If you couldn’t attend the show, you can still watch the keynote presented by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang with special guest Grady Cofer, visual effects supervisor from ILM.

There is a lot going on this month with NVIDIA and our partners, including platform launches from Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. There are also some great promotions, including up to $60 off an NVIDIA® Quadro® 4000 and a free eyeon Fusion subscription with the purchase of eyeon Dimension. You can find out more below.

As always, please send along questions, comments, or feedback by pressing reply, or email us at mediafeedback@nvidia.com.


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Greg EstesGreg Estes
NVIDIA’s Industry Executive, Media and Entertainment
NVIDIA GPUs in the cloud
At GTC, NVIDIA announced VGX™, a new product family that will address the needs of users who want to run GPU-accelerated applications remotely on a virtual desktop. VGX cards are different from NVIDIA® Quadro® boards because they virtualize the GPU allowing multiple users to share the same GPU. This is ideal for users like graphics designers who spend most of their time in applications with limited GPU acceleration, such as Adobe® Photoshop®. For creative professionals such as editors and animators who require more GPU horsepower, sharing the GPU is not ideal. For those users, the benefits of VGX are security and flexibility. Using virtualization allows users to secure their assets in the data center and access that data remotely from their office computer or from a portable device such as a MacBook Air, iPad, or Android tablet. Imagine making changes to a 30 GB Autodesk Maya model, resident in the datacenter, from your laptop and you’ll get the idea.

Watch NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang and special guest Grady Cofer, visual effects artist from ILM, reveal how VGX technology can change workflows in Hollywood.

Learn more about NVIDIA VGX >
Video: Watch the Jen-Hsun Huang keynote announcement of VGX >
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Promotion From NVIDIA and our Partners
Big deals on eyeon Dimension!
Get a FREE Fusion subscription with the purchase of Dimension. If you’re a new customer, there are deals available just for you. For more information on this limited-time promotion, email RobTrick@eyeonline.com.
Up to $60 off a Quadro 4000 for Mac and PC
For a limited time only, get $50 off an NVIDIA® Quadro® 4000 for PC, and $60 off a Quadro 4000 for Mac. This discount is only valid through authorized PNY resellers in the US and Canada. Discount details and restrictions can be found here.
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New Workstations
Configure your next workstation with NVIDIA GPUs
We are really excited to be a part of some major workstations launches from our valued partners. To sum it up, the new line of workstations from Dell and HP support NVIDIA® Maximus™ technology, which enables media and entertainment professionals to maximize their performance by using the power of NVIDIA Quadro and NVIDIA Tesla GPUs in tandem or on separate tasks or different applications. For users who need maximum GPU power, our friends at Boxx offer workstations specifically built for media and entertainment, with more power and slots than the typical systems vendor offering. Naturally, NVIDIA’s Maximus technology is a great fit for them. Boxx is now offering systems with a Quadro and up to three additional Tesla® cards, which means that applications like Cinnafilm Dark Energy or Adobe® After Effects® that use multiple Tesla’s in a system will get the highest performance available today. Also, Lenovo has just announced their first Kepler-based mobile workstation—the ThinkPad W530. Available with either a Quadro K2000M or Quadro K1000M, these are great systems for broadcasters or creatives that need to have the power of Quadro for mobile video editing. Lastly, for all the Apple lovers, the all-new, next-generation Apple MacBook Pro is equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce® GT 650M so you can once again get the NVIDIA CUDA® goodness to accelerate your applications, like Adobe® Premiere® Pro and After Effects, on a Mac platform. For more information on these new platforms, click on the below links:
New Dell Precision workstations with NVIDIA Maximus support.
New HP workstation family with NVIDIA Maximus support.
New Maximus-powered BOXX workstation with support for up to 3 Tesla GPUs and a Quadro GPU.
New Kepler-based mobile workstation from Lenovo.
Apple MacBook Pro featuring CUDA support with the NVIDIA Kepler-class GeForce GPUs.
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Customer successes
NVIDIA Maximus helps Sony Pictures Imageworks create smoking fast VFX for Men in Black 3
Houdini 12 (with improved GPU optimization) on an NVIDIA® Maximus™-powered workstation dramatically improved not only the speed of simulations by up to 10X, but also the quality of smoke generated in MIB3.
Read more.
Video: NVIDIA Maximus lowers Dawnrunner's stress
Dawnrunner Productions, a production house in the San Francisco Bay Area, used NVIDIA® Maximus™ to lower last-minute stress at the high-profile Game Developer Conference Awards Show.
Watch the video > (3:50)
Blog: NVIDIA GPUs render stunning visuals in Transformers ride
The new Transformers: The Ride at Universal Studios, Hollywood, was created to deliver a more immersive jolt than audiences have ever experienced. The ride's impressive visuals were painstakingly rendered at Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) for over two years and leveraged NVIDIA GPUs to make the high-resolution magic happen. Read More about the Transformer ride.
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Technical talk
If you missed GTC 2012, you can still watch GTC On-Demand to access the world-class education delivered at the show, as well as the latest research and insights from the industry’s smartest people.
Video: Interacting with huge particle simulations in Maya with the GPU
Wil Braithwaite (NVIDIA)
This talk presents a demo plug-in for Maya that enables an artist to simulate huge particle counts in real time by leveraging the NVIDIA GPU. Being able to interact with the simulation opens up new possibilities for modifying the workflow. We’ll demonstrate the plug-in, and provide insight into the algorithms used.
Watch now. (49:08)
Video: Learn How Adobe After Effects CS6 takes advantage of NVIDIA Optix Technology for 3D ray tracing
Colin Smith (Adobe)
Adobe® After Effects® CS6 unveils an amazing new 3D ray-traced rendering engine based on NVIDIA Optix technology with GPU acceleration of up to 50x faster than a CPU alone. This enables simple and quick designs of realistic geometric text and shapes in 3D space.
Watch now. (45:07)
Video: GPU enablement in Adobe Photoshop
Jerry Harris (Adobe Systems), Jeff Chien (Adobe Systems)
Adobe® Photoshop® is one of the most popular and immersive products in history. Since CS4, Adobe has been tapping into the horsepower of the GPU to create a compelling playground for the imaginations of creative pros. Check out the latest developments.
Watch now. (49:08)
Video: Hate to wait? Flash memory for full-throttle GPU acceleration
Vincent Brisebois (Fusion-io), Robert Wipfel (Fusion-io)
This session will provide a technical overview of the latest in PCIe-attached flash memory technology. See how it accelerates graphics processing with developer best practices and tuning for GPU applications using flash memory.
Watch now. (52:38)
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Announcing the Project ioFX video contest. You could win an NVIDIA Quadro and an ioFX card!
Our partner, Fusion-io, is running a contest where you can win some really cool prizes. All you have to do is create a 60-second commercial for the newest Fusion-io product, the ioFX. The contest judges—Steve Wozniak (Fusion-io Chief Scientist), Danny Trejo (Actor), and one more judge to be announced soon—will crown the winner and hook them up with an amazing prize package. It includes an NVIDIA GPU, Fusion ioFX card, RED Scarlet camera, training session with the RED team, Adobe® Creative Suite® 6, and a Maingear workstation, plus a trip to SIGGRAPH this August in Los Angeles.

Think you have what it takes to win? You have until July 23rd to deliver your masterpiece. Enter today at www.Facebook.com/Fusioniofx.
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Job listings
Media and entertainment partner manager
NVIDIA is seeking an experienced marketing professional with a proven track record of developing and implementing successful technology partnerships within the media and entertainment industry.

This full-time position requires close collaboration with NVIDIA business development, product marketing, and applied engineering teams. The challenge is to drive revenue for the company through partner adoption of our technologies, and the subsequent planning and execution of marketing programs through those partners, their channels, and NVIDIA sales channels.

For more information about this position and to apply, click here.
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Events Summary
Upcoming Events:

StarsVu will demonstrate CUDA in conjunction with its Collaborative End-to-End Video Production application to the video community at Vidcon 2012.
Booth # 305
Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, CA

Booth #735
August 7-9
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA

Hall 7 Booth # B17
September 7-11
Rai Amsterdam
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