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Getting started with FCam on your Tegra Prototype

FCam has been currently developed to target NVIDIA's Tegra Prototype boards running Kal-El processors. The system you have received contains a modified version of Google's Android Honeycomb that enables FCam to run.  It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the Android SDK and NDK. Before you start writing FCam code, go through the steps required to build an application that calls native code as described in the NDK documentation.

Latest FCam library release

  • 3/16/2012:  This new FCam library release provides bug fixes, support for multiple cameras, a new camera application called FCameraPro. This release of the FCam libary requires you to flash a new system image. Both the library and the system image are available upon request. Please use NDK r7b or later with this release of FCam. The latest version of the Tegra Android Development Pack (1.0r5) includes NDK r7b.

What is in the FCam package

The FCam library package contains:

  • The FCam API source under fcam/src and fcam/include.
  • A set of prebuilt libraries that implement a hardware abstraction layer under fcam/prebuilt.
  • The FCameraPro application under fcam/android/packages/fcamerapro. The FCameraPro source is a great way to learn FCam progamming and to spring board your computational photography projects.
  • A set of examples under fcam/examples. Each example has its own building instructions.
  • A Doxyfile that you can use to generate FCam documentation using Doxygen.

Getting started