March 2008

NVIDIA Quadro. Built for Professionals
Are you ready to maximize your AutoCAD productivity?

Boost your performance with NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics solutions that are Built For Professionals™. With AutoCAD you can leverage the capabilities of NVIDIA Quadro professional-class GPUs to fully incorporate high-quality 3D models into your work flow. The partnership between NVIDIA and Autodesk delivers a certified hardware-software solution that enables you to create and interact with complex product designs without sacrificing visual quality.

For more information, visit www.nvidia.com/builtforpros.

David Watters Director of Enterprise Sales, Americas dwatters@nvidia.com
Mark Visconti Enterprise Sales Mgr, Federal, HPC and Advanced Visualization mvisconti@nvidia.com
Matt Jefferson Enterprise Sales Mgr, Content Creation and Distribution mjefferson@nvidia.com
Jeff Saunders Enterprise Sales Mgr, Energy jsaunders@nvidia.com
Jeff Sporn Enterprise Sales Mgr, Financial Services jsporn@nvidia.com
Chris Pagel Enterprise Sales Mgr, Manufacturing cpagel@nvidia.com
David Watters Acting Enterprise Sales Mgr, Healthcare and Life Sciences dwatters@nvidia.com
JC Baratault Enterprise Sales Mgr, HPC and Energy Markets jbaratault@nvidia.com
Joerg Krall Enterprise Sales Mgr, Manufacturing jkrall@nvidia.com
Matt Fairman Enterprise Sales Mgr, Financial Services mfairman@nvidia.com
Asia Pacific  
Wei Tan Enterprise Sales, Asia wtan@nvidia.com
Prasad Phadke Enterprise Sales, India pphadke@nvidia.com