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NVIDIA Delivers the Highest Graphics Performance for AMD Family of Processors


New NVIDIA Graphics Drivers Optimized for AMD's 3DNow!™ Technology

SANTA CLARA, CA – JUNE 7, 1999 – NVIDIA™ Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) announced today the availability of a new set of software drivers for the RIVA TNT and TNT2 3D processors that are specifically optimized for AMD's K6®-2 and K6-III CPUs. With the new software, NVIDIA's 3D graphics processors deliver up to a 40% increase in performance as measured by leading industry benchmarks and real-world games. The new drivers show a significant performance gain in both Microsoft® DirectXTM 6.X and SGI OpenGL® applications.

"We have been working very closely with AMD to extract every possible ounce of performance with 3DNow!, " said Dan Vivoli, vice president of marketing at NVIDIA. "Our goal to be the best 3D processor for all PC platforms is supported by our dedication to deliver continuous improvements to both our hardware and software partners. RIVA TNT2, along with these new drivers, now brings unequaled graphics performance and visual quality to AMD users."

The new drivers, available for download today, also include enhancements that maximize AGP performance in AMD systems. These improvements increase AGP texturing performance, which allows large textures to be transferred from system memory directly into NVIDIA's graphics pipeline. The new drivers also include a number of quality related enhancements and are designed to be compatible with future NVIDIA graphics processors.

"NVIDIA's and AMD's technologies are perfect compliments and provide users with a powerful platform capable of handling the most demanding 3D graphic applications," said Ned Finkle, director of Infrastructure Technology Development for AMD's Advanced Architecture Lab. "Our ongoing relationship with NVIDIA will ensure that our products continue to deliver maximum results."
NVIDIA Family Processors
The RIVA family of 3D/2D graphics processors, the RIVA TNT2™, RIVA TNT™, RIVA 128ZXTM and the RIVA 128™ is the first family of high performance graphics processors for the performance mainstream PC market. The RIVA processors utilize a 128-bit pipeline to support the computational throughput required for current and future graphically intensive applications. The NVIDIA Vanta™ 3D/2D processor is the first in a family of 3D processors designed for the enterprise PC market. Based on the award winning RIVA TNT2 architecture, the NVIDIA Vanta processor is designed for Windows 2000 and the burgeoning market for enterprise visualization applications. By leveraging its graphics technology and massive gate counts, all NVIDIA processors are able to deliver stunningly realistic, high frame rate 3D, along with benchmark winning 2D, VGA and video acceleration in single chip solutions. NVIDIA graphics processors are optimized for both Direct3D™ and OpenGL APIs.

About 3DNow!TM Technology
3DNow! technology, the first innovation to the x86 architecture that significantly enhances floating-point-intensive 3D graphics and multimedia applications, uses SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) and other performance enhancements to enable a superior visual computing experience. Introduced as a key feature of the AMD-K6-2 processor in May 1998, 3DNow! technology has more than a nine-month time-to-market head start over competing CPU-based 3D enhancement technologies. The worldwide installed base of 3DNow! technology-enhanced PCs is planned to grow to about 14 million systems by the end of this quarter. AMD processors with 3DNow! technology span the complete range of desktop and mobile computing, from sub-$1,000 PCs to high-performance laptops based on the Mobile AMD-K6-2 processor to high-end multimedia desktop systems powered by the new AMD-K6-III processor.

Support for 3DNow! technology exists today in the leading industry-standard application programming interfaces (APIs), including Microsoft's DirectX 6.x and SGI's OpenGL APIs. In addition, numerous hardware and software products have been optimized for 3DNow! technology. Accolade, Activision, Criterion Studios, Digital Anvil, Eidos, GT Interactive, Gremlin, id Software, Interplay, Psygnosis, Rage, and 3DO recently announced their support for 3DNow! technology in several of their forthcoming software titles. These publishers and developers join a growing list of software and hardware developers, including Microsoft, IBM, Epic Games, 3Dfx, and Matrox, that already support 3DNow! in their leading 3D graphics-intensive applications and hardware. New titles supporting 3DNow! technology continue to be added. For a complete list of hardware and software products that support 3DNow! technology, visit the AMD web site.

NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) designs, markets and sells a complete family of award-winning 3D graphics processors that deliver industry-leading performance and visual quality for a broad range of PC applications, including: enterprise visualization, e-commerce, e-business, entertainment and education. Corporate headquarters are located in California: 3535 Monroe Street, Santa Clara, California 95051. For more information visit the Company's web site at
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