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STB's Velocity 4400 First RIVA TNT-Based Add-in Card Launched for the Mainstream PC Market


For Immediate Release

SUNNYVALE, CALIF. (June 15, 1998) NVIDIA® Corporation announced today that STB Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ-STBI) launched its new RIVA TNT-based Velocity 4400 add-in card. This announcement marks the first product launch for the highly anticipated RIVA TNT, announced in March of this year

The Velocity 4400 addresses the needs of the performance mainstream graphics market and will be available later this summer. The RIVA TNT processor, with its 32-bit true color TwiN Texel multi-texturing architecture, delivers two pixels-per-clock performance and is designed to provide consumers with a stunningly realistic 2D and 3D graphics experience. With its ability to sustain exceptionally high fill rates into a 16MB frame buffer, the RIVA TNT processor allows highest resolutions and color depths yielding real-time interactivity up to 1600x1200 resolution. In addition to delivering astonishing quality, the RIVA TNT is designed to provide the industry's highest 2D/3D graphics performance and essential multimedia features in one processor.

"By winning over 60 industry awards for the RIVA 128-based Velocity 128 plus their aggressive first-to-market design and manufacturing capabilities, STB has clearly demonstrated a leadership position," said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO of NVIDIA Corporation. "Today's announcement of STB's Velocity 4400, using the RIVA TNT, promises to continue the success of the Velocity product line in the performance graphics market."

"The RIVA TNT will extend the triumphant run for NVIDIA that has positioned them as the premiere supplier of 3D graphics technology to STB," remarked J. Shane Long, vice president of sales and marketing at STB Systems, Inc. "We have evaluated the forthcoming 3D graphics processors and are confident the Velocity 4400 will emerge as the performance leader in the consumer segment of the market."

About the Velocity 4400
Based on NVIDIA's RIVA TNT processor, the Velocity 4400 will feature a unique combination of high performance 2D graphics, high quality video playback and high speed 3D rendering for Direct3DTM and OpenGLTM interfaces. The 128-bit 2D graphics engine is designed to provide unparalleled performance in business applications like spreadsheet programs and web browsers. The video playback and superb 3D performance are robust enough to accelerate graphics intensive applications used by game developers, animators and graphic designers.

NVIDIA's RIVA family of 3D processors, the RIVA 128, RIVA 128ZX and forthcoming RIVA TNT, are the first 128-bit 3D processors to deliver leadership Direct3D performance to the mainstream PC market. By leveraging NVIDIA's graphics technology and massive gate counts, the RIVA processor family is designed to deliver stunningly realistic, high frame rate 3D, along with benchmark winning 2D, VGA and video acceleration all in single chip iterations. The RIVA processors are optimized for both Direct3D and OpenGL.

Simply The Best!
STB Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:STBI), based in Richardson, Texas, designs and manufactures award-winning 3D multimedia accelerators, convergence products, professional-class 3D graphics adapters, and multi-port display solutions for use in consumer and business desktop computers. Since its founding in 1981, STB has been a pioneering force in the field of new graphics technologies for personal computers. Extensive manufacturing resources, engineering expertise, and consistent quality have established STB as a leading supplier to top-tier PC manufacturers including Compaq, Dell, Gateway, IBM and others. STB has multiple facilities in North America, as well as offices in London (England), Belfast (Northern Ireland) and Paris (France). For additional information, visit STB's home page at on the World Wide Web.

NVIDIA Corporation
NVIDIA Corporation designs, develops, markets and sells high-performance 3D processors for personal computers. Corporate headquarters are in California: NVIDIA Corporation, 1226 Tiros Way, Sunnyvale, CA 94086 (408) 617-4000.