NVIDIA and Gremlin Interactive Announce Strategic Partnership

For Immediate Release
ECTS, LONDON SEPTEMBER 5, 1998 NVIDIA Corporation and Gremlin Group PLC today announced that two companies have entered into a strategic partnership aimed at producing next generation applications that take full advantage of NVIDIA's latest 3D technology, including the new features of the RIVA TNT 3D processor.

NVIDIA has been working with Gremlin and other leading game developers around the world to help them leverage all of the high-impact visual features of the RIVA TNT, including: bump mapping, environment mapping, stencil buffering, high resolution, 32-bit color and industry-leading pixel fill-rate for smooth frame rates. The partnership commences with four of Gremlin's premier titles. Work is already underway on Motorhead, the high-speed futuristic racing games, with eagerly awaited role-playing game (RPG) SoulBringer, blue-ribbon sports simulation Actua Soccer 3 and 3D strategy game Tribal Lore.

"Gremlin has developed one of the best reputations for providing leading-edge entertainment software to the European market, and now the U.S.," said Lew Paceley, vice president of corporate marketing at NVIDIA. "Gremlin's proven game design and technical skills combined with the industry's fastest Direct3D processor will provide end-users worldwide with stunning game play and environments never seen before."

"With incredible performance numbers and advanced DirectX6.0 features, like bump mapping and environment mapping, the RIVA TNT truly exemplifies NVIDIA's technological leadership in the 3D graphics market," said Ian Stewart, CEO at Gremlin Interactive. "Our development teams are looking forward to working closely with NVIDIA to help drive the quality and performance of our titles beyond the end-user's expectations."

Strategic Partnership
This strategic relationship provides Gremlin advanced access to NVIDIA's current and future hardware, software and development tools to maximize both image quality and performance under Microsoft's Direct3D API. Gremlin's 3D titles that have been quality tested and optimized to take advantage of the RIVA family of 3D processors will bear the NVIDIA logo on the package. In addition, the agreement allows both companies to share future technical developments. As a result, the alliance is expected to provide an ongoing release of optimized 3D titles designed using the latest hardware from NVIDIA.

Gremlin Group PLC Established in 1985, Gremlin Interactive of Sheffield, England is one of Europe's leading publishers and largest development houses for computer game software. Creating games for the Sony PlayStation, Nintendo N64 and PC CD-ROM platforms, Gremlin is a creative powerhouse, leading the industry in such innovative technologies as Motion Capture and 3D.

Gremlin Interactive is part of the Gremlin Group PLC, a fully listed company on the London Stock Exchange. Gremlin Group PLC is also composed of Gremlin Studios of Dewsbury, England, DMA Design of Dundee, Scotland, Gremlin Interactive Australia of Melbourne and Gremlin Interactive North America. Corporate headquarters are based in Sheffield, England: Gremlin Group, Plc, The Green House, 33 Bowdon Street, Sheffield, England, S1 4HA 44-1-14-263-9900 http://www.gremlin.com.

NVIDIA's RIVA family of 3D processors, the RIVA 128, RIVA 128ZX and recently available RIVA TNT, are 128-bit 3D processors designed to deliver a new level of performance to the mainstream PC market. By leveraging NVIDIA's graphics technology and massive gate counts, the RIVA processor family is designed to deliver stunningly realistic, high frame rate 3D, along with benchmark winning 2D, VGA and video acceleration all in single chip iterations. The RIVA processors are optimized for both Direct3DTM and OpenGL(R).

NVIDIA Corporation
NVIDIA Corporation, rated the most influential 3D processor company in the PC industry by PC Magazine, designs, develops, markets and sells high-performance 3D processors for personal computers. Corporate headquarters are in California: NVIDIA Corporation, 3535 Monroe Street, Santa Clara, CA: 408-615-2500, http://www.nvidia.com.
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