New NVIDIA and Chumbo.com Alliance Allows End Users to Purchase the Hottest 3D Applications Online

NVIDIA's New Online Store at www.nvidia.com/highiq Capitalizes on Chumbo.com's Award Winning E-Commerce Solution 

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SANTA CLARA, CA - DECEMBER 2, 1998 - NVIDIA(TM) Corporation announced today that they have entered into a deal with Chumbo.Com to set up an E-commerce site which will allow NVIDIA end-users to review and purchase 3D applications, specifically designed to take advantage of features found in NVIDIA's family of 3D processors. Accessing the new web-site can be done at www.nvidia.com/highiq.

"This move adds significant value to NVIDIA customers, who are now able to review and purchase game titles which they are able to review before the actual purchase of the product," said Lew Paceley, vice president of corporate marketing at NVIDIA. "The increasing number of on-line shoppers will ultimately add to the success of the site and allow our end-users access to a complete software store from their desktops."

The new e-commerce site called the "High I.Q. store" will feature best-of-class software, updated each quarter, as well as offers of 'Classics' from the past. This Winter's list includes: Motocross Madness -Microsoft, Sin - Activision, Shogo - Monolith, Motorhead - Gremlin, Myth2 - Bungie and Half Life - Sierra. PC Gamer will provide product reviews on all the game titles listed on the site.

Gamers from the AMD Professional Gamers League Reviews (AMD PGL) will give their comments and ratings from the end-user perspective. Specific hardware manufacturers will be spotlighted for their ability to deliver the best game experience: for this winter quarter, the Viper V550 from Diamond Multimedia and the Velocity 4400 from STB Systems. NVIDIA's proceeds from the store will go back into its developer programs to ensure more world-class software gets produced.

"With e-commerce and consumer demand for the hottest game titles growing at a phenomenal rate NVIDIA is making the right move by selling software online as business moves into the next millennium," said David Prais, president of Chumbo.Com. "We believe that companies like NVIDIA, that develop online store solutions should remain focused on customer satisfaction. It's the added value to online shopping that makes the difference, like the information NVIDIA is providing to users from PC Gamer and PGL experts."

About Chumbo Corporation
Chumbo Holdings Corporation, an Internet commerce company, is the parent company of The Point Group, Inc. and Chumbo.com, Inc. Chumbo.com provides a channel of distribution for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), an optional distribution method for PC OEMs and is a 24-hour resource for users and IS managers to purchase software, computer related books and DVDs. Chumbo is located on the World Wide Web at http://www.chumbo.com.

The Point Group is the leading software marketing, licensing and fulfillment services provider to PC and peripheral OEMs. With over 200 of the worlds leading software publishers under contract, Point Group includes within as its customer base 6 of the top 10 worldwide PC OEMs. It has offices in Minneapolis, Silicon Valley and London.

NVIDIA's RIVA family of 3D processors, the RIVA 128, RIVA 128ZX and the RIVA TNT are 128-bit 3D processors which deliver a new level of performance to the mainstream PC market. By leveraging NVIDIA's graphics technology and massive gate counts, the RIVA processor family is designed to deliver stunningly realistic, high frame rate 3D, along with benchmark winning 2D, VGA and video acceleration all in single chip iterations. The RIVA processors are optimized for both Direct3D and OpenGL.

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