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FSA Recognizes NVIDIA as the Most Respected Private Fabless Semiconductor Company


Industry Peers Voted for Leading Graphics Company for Second Year in a Row 

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SANTA CLARA, CA - DECEMBER 11, 1998 -- The Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA) voted NVIDIA Corporation The Industry's Most Respected Private Fabless Company at the FSA's Anniversary Dinner Celebration on Tuesday, December 8, 1998 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California. This is the second consecutive year that NVIDIA has won this award. The event attracted over 900 of the industry's top executives.

The Industry's Most Respected Private Fabless Company was determined from the results of a questionnaire sent to the fabless community, industry and financial analysts and suppliers. The survey asked them to select among 204 private fabless companies, the company they most respect in terms of product, vision, strategy and future opportunities. For the second consecutive year, NVIDIA, a privately held fabless company focusing on 3D technology for the consumer and enterprise markets, won The Industry's Most Respected Private Fabless Company. Jen-Hsun Huang, President, CEO and Founder of NVIDIA accepted this prestigious award on behalf of the company.

"Through the success our OEM's with the RIVA family of products NVIDIA has strengthened our market position in the face of some very tough competition," stated Huang. "Not only does this award show our commitment to providing great products to the mainstream PC market, but it is also a testament to the dedication of our people."

The FSA 1998 Anniversary Dinner Celebration was sponsored by leading fabless partners and supporters: American Microsystems, Inc. (AMI), Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co., Ltd. (AKM), BT Alex.Brown, Ernst & Young LLP, Gary Cary Ware & Freidenrich, LTX Corporation, Mentor Graphics Corporation, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, NationsBanc Montgomery Securities, Inc., Silicon Valley Bank, STATS, Synopsys, Teradyne, TSMC and UMC Group.

The Fabless Semiconductor Association
The FSA was formed in July 1994 by industry leaders wishing to achieve a more optimal balance between wafer demand and capacity for fabless companies. The FSA represents an exploding industry consisting of over 200 North American fabless companies. The mission of the FSA is to stimulate technology and foundry capacity by communicating the future needs of the fabless semiconductor segment in terms of quantity and technology; to provide interactive forums for the mutual benefit of all FSA members; and to be a strong, united voice on vital issues affecting the future growth of fabless semiconductor companies. The FSA can be reached on the World Wide Web at http://www.fsa.org">>.

NVIDIA Processors
The RIVA family of 3D/2D processors, the RIVA TNT(TM), RIVA 128ZX(TM) and the RIVA 128(TM), is the first family of high performance processors for the performance mainstream PC market. The RIVA processors utilize a 128-bit pipeline to support the computational throughput required for current and future graphically intense applications. The NVIDIA Vanta(TM) 3D/2D processor is the first in a family of 3D processors designed for the enterprise PC market. Based on the award winning RIVA TNT architecture, the NVIDIA Vanta processor is designed for Windows 2000 and the burgeoning market for enterprise visualization applications. By leveraging its graphics technology and massive gate counts, all NVIDIA processors are able to deliver stunningly realistic, high frame rate 3D, along with benchmark winning 2D, VGA and video acceleration in single chip solutions. NVIDIA processors are optimized for both Direct3D(TM) and OpenGL(TM).

NVIDIA Corporation
NVIDIA Corporation, rated the most influential 3D processor company by PC Magazine, designs, develops, markets and sells high-performance 3D processors for personal computers. New corporate headquarters are in California: NVIDIA Corporation, 3535 Monroe Street, Santa Clara, CA 95051. (408) 615-2500.
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