NVIDIA Quadro4 Graphics Solutions Go "Top-to-Bottom" in Compaq Workstations

Quadro4 XGL and Quadro4 NVS Workstation Graphics Solutions to be Featured in Compaq's Evo Workstation Product Line

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SANTA CLARA, CA - FEBRUARY 19, 2002 -NVIDIA® Corp. (Nasdaq: NVDA) announced today that Compaq Computer Corporation (NYSE: CPQ) will offer the Quadro™4 family of workstation graphics solutions in the company's line of professional workstation products, providing an ideal top-to-bottom solution for both high-end and entry-level workstations.  The Quadro4 family represents a radical leap forward in workstation graphics solutions and features a complete line of powerful Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) that deliver the industry's highest performance, most complete feature set, and unprecedented value.

"The Quadro4 family has an ideal workstation graphics solution for workstation users of all levels, offering exceptional performance and features for their respective market segments," said Keith LeFebvre, director of workstation and thin client business for Compaq.  "NVIDIA has an excellent track record of delivering outstanding value and we're pleased to offer NVIDIA products to our workstation customers."

Compaq will feature Quadro4 XGL series and Quadro4 NVS series of workstation graphics solutions throughout its workstation product line, including the W4000, W6000, and W8000 family of workstations.  For power users, Compaq will offer the Quadro4 550 XGL, Quadro4 750 XGL and Quadro4 900 XGL solutions in its Evo workstation line, unleashing high-end performance for complex, graphics intensive applications.   For business users, Compaq will offer the Quadro4 200 NVS and Quadro4 400 NVS in its Evo workstation line, adding NVIDIA's revolutionary multi-display technology and increased flexibility for the delivery of applications in 2D environments.

"Compaq is a leader in the professional workstation market and they recognize the contribution the graphics subsystem makes to the performance of the system," said Jeff Fisher, executive vice president of sales at NVIDIA  "By including the Quadro4 family in their lineup, Compaq is offering world-class graphics horsepower for every level of EVO workstation customer."

The Quadro4 family is a complete, top-to-bottom family of workstation graphics solutions that deliver the industry's highest performance and most complete feature set at unprecedented values.  The Quadro4 XGL GPU series has the ideal solution for every level of user of computer-aided design and digital content creation applications, while the Quadro4 NVS series of multidisplay professional solutions offers industry-leading acceleration for professional 2D applications popular in the financial services market and the Non-Linear Video Editing (NLE) market.  New technology introduced in the Quadro4 family include:

  • Two completely new graphics architectures designed to accelerate professional DirectX® and OpenGL® applications.
    NVIDIA's advanced shading technology to enable custom special effects and real-time custom animations.
  • nView(TM), NVIDIA's multidisplay technology that supports arrangements of analog monitors and digital flat panel displays that can be combined to drastically increase the users desktop.
  • Lightspeed Memory Architecture II (LMA II), NVIDIA's 128-bit memory interface that features a crossbar-design and advanced Quadro memory management techniques

Compaq Evo workstation systems featuring Quadro4 750 XGL will be available in March configurable direct from Compaq at www.compaq.com, or an authorized Compaq reseller, with additional offerings available in the coming months.

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