NVB Exporter for 3ds max


This plug-in allows 3ds max users to export their scenes to the .nvb format, which is used by NVIDIA FX Composer and NVIDIA SDK samples. Source code for the loader is provided to allow easy integration.  It handles geometry, material definition, animation, camera information, skinning data from Biped and Skin, and CgFX instantiated attributes.

The latest version works with 3ds max 6.0 and FX Composer only.  It is based on Discreet's IGame 1.1 library and uses the nv_nvb 2.0 file format, which provides much faster file loading.  The user interface has been simplified a bit, and source code is included for the plug-in itself, nv_nvb.dll and the nv_math library.

Please continue to use the previous version (.nvb 1.0) for 3ds max 5.0 and 3ds max 4.0 and note that CgFX export capabilites are only available through the 3ds max 5.0 Viewport Manager. Please note that the CgFX Viewer supports only the .nvb 1.0 file format.


Cg Toolkit 1.5 (September 2007)
NVIDIA's Cg Toolkit provides everything you need to quickly get started with Cg.