Autodesk Smoke, Accelerated with NVIDIA Quadro.

The all-in-one solution for video editing and 3D visual effects

Bring your vision to life with NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics and Autodesk® Smoke® 2013. This combination of graphics technology and video editing and effects software gives Mac users a powerful new way to add impact to your most spectacular stories.

Autodesk® Smoke® software is an advanced all-in-one solution for video editors who need to do more than just edit. By integrating high-end effects into a familiar nonlinear editing workflow, Smoke can streamline time-consuming, multi-application workflows and help editors deliver visually impactful content using a single application.

Designed and built specifically for professional workstations, Quadro GPUs power more than 150 applications across a broad range of industries—including manufacturing, media and entertainment, sciences, and energy.

Professionals trust these GPUs to deliver the best possible experience in design applications such as Smoke and Autodesk® Maya®. This includes significantly accelerating the performance of the effects tools used for compositing, color correction, 3D effects, titling, and motion graphics features offered in Smoke.

Running Smoke 2013 on NVIDIA Quadro K5000 for Mac and Quadro 4000 for Mac takes full advantage of the world's most powerful professional graphic cards. Find out more about Autodesk's list of recommended hardware.

Learn more about Autodesk® Smoke® at www.autodesk.com/editingmeetseffects

Learn the top reasons to use Autodesk® Smoke® and how it can help overcome the obstacles that can interrupt your creative flow.

It's a powerful new way to realize your vision.

Certified and Recommended GPUs

Quadro K5000 for Mac
  • 4 GB
  • 1536 CUDA Cores
Quadro 4000 for Mac
  • 2 GB
  • 256 CUDA Cores