Autodesk University 2013, December 3-5, The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada


At Autodesk University NVIDIA® will be featuring the latest technologies and solutions for virtual desktops and applications. Come discover NVIDIA GRID with accelerates graphics for virtualized desktops and applications.


Wednesday, Dec 4, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
AV3906 - Design Anywhere, Anytime with Your Accelerated Autodesk Visual Experience from NVIDIA
Brian Harrison - NVIDIA
Design anywhere, anytime with your accelerated Autodesk visual experience powered by new client and cloud solutions from NVIDIA while maximizing your investment you've made in Autodesk® tools. Come to this class to see how you too can make full use of all the benefits of our range of graphics solutions—from client to cloud—for the best Autodesk experience. In this class, you will get a clear understanding of what our client and local cloud graphics do to accelerate and enhance your Autodesk user experience to maximize your productivity. We'll cover new virtualized graphics solutions that solve real problems while providing a workstation experience from any PC or Mac® client so you can work at your client's office or from home to access your designs and do real work. We make virtualization turnkey for Autodesk applications. Come and see how you too can take advantage of all the benefits of our range of graphics solutions from client to cloud for the best Autodesk experience anywhere, anytime

Joint Dell/NVIDIA Session
Wednesday, Dec 4, 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Scott Hamilton - DELL
Brian Harrison - NVIDIA
CM3978 - My workstation is better than yours
In a recent survey the number one question asked by Autodesk AU attendees was - what hardware do I need for my Autodesk applications? Determining the right computer hardware for running Autodesk applications is critical to get the best performance and productivity for your company. In this session we will discuss the considerations for making the best IT decisions whether you are using a single application or multiple applications in an Autodesk Suite. We will also show you how to measure performance and optimize your systems based on results.


Check out the latest NVIDIA GRID products in booth #1713. Demos in our booth will showcase how NVIDIA GRID™ products accelerate graphics.


Explore the NVIDIA GRID ecosystem by visiting our partners at the conference. For more information on how to purchase GRID K1 & K2 boards visit here.

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