NVIDIA Channel Program goes Global

Membership Triples in 2007 with Global Expansion; 2008 Worldwide PartnerForce Conference Scheduled for August

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SANTA CLARA, CA—FEBRUARY 13, 2008 – NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the world leader in visual computing technologies, announced today that the Company has recognized a 200% growth year over year in their partner channel program membership due to its rapid global expansion. With this worldwide momentum, NVIDIA® is planning significant expansion of programs and support for global partners in 2008, including its first global PartnerForce conference, which will be held in San Jose, CA on August 25 – 27.

The NVIDIA end-to-end channel ecosystem includes the NVIDIA Authorized Board Partner Program, Authorized Distributor Program, and PartnerForce Program. These programs deliver sales, marketing, support, and training programs for qualified board partners, distributors, resellers, and system builders. In 2007, NVIDIA increased its partner reach with an expansion of the NVIDIA® PartnerForce program by adding France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Poland, India, and China to its existing deployments in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, and the United Kingdom, closing the year with more than 30,000 partners worldwide. The Company also launched the “nTrain Initiative” which includes a series of global live Webinars as well as on-demand and face-to-face events.

“The NVIDIA PartnerForce program gives us access to all the sales tools and support we need to plan and integrate NVIDIA products into our systems,” said Andrew Richards of Kobalt Computers Ltd, a UK-based PartnerForce Program member. “It performs the vital role of keeping us up to date with the latest NVIDIA news and saves a vast amount of time in our marketing efforts as NVIDIA provides all of the resources we need to promote and advertise our products to our customers.”

Named Channel Reseller News Magazine’s “One to Watch for 2008” and Forbes Magazine’s “Company of the Year”, NVIDIA has also recently released a variety of market-leading solutions that are helping to drive channel growth including:

Hybrid SLI® - Hybrid SLI technology enables NVIDIA motherboard GPUs (mGPUs) to work cooperatively with discrete NVIDIA GPUs (dGPUs) when paired in the same PC platform and provides two new technologies— GeForce® Boost and HybridPower—that allow the PC to deliver graphics performance for today’s applications and games when 3D graphics horsepower is required, or transition to a lower-powered operating state when not.

Motherboard GPUs (mGPUs) for Intel - The GeForce 7150, 7100, and 7050 mGPUs are designed to support a full range of Intel CPUs (Core 2, Pentium, and Celeron CPU families), including new 45nm Intel “Penryn” processors and other new features, such as 1333MHz frontside bus technology.

NVIDIA® Quadro® - NVIDIA Quadro® FX 5600 and Quadro FX 4600 professional graphics boards based on an industry-changing unified architecture deliver high-performance processing, support for Shader Model 4.0, NVIDIA GPU computing, and other breakthrough features.

“The NVIDIA PartnerForce Program has opened new opportunities for our business to deliver state-of-the-art graphics to not only our high-end gaming customers but also mainstream and value-oriented consumers,” said Eric Cheung of CyberPowerPC. “Through the training and tools we obtain through PartnerForce we are better able to promote our solutions and deliver the best the industry has to offer to our customers.”

“At NVIDIA we recognize the role our partners play in our success, and in 2007 we really focused on expanding our global program reach giving more partners access to the product information, tools, and sales support,” said John Lonergan, vice president of worldwide channel operations. “The response to our new program has been incredible, and we plan to continue to deliver the highest level of support for years to come, including enhancing our set of training programs, marketing initiatives, and support capabilities in 2008 alone.”

More information on the NVIDIA PartnerForce Program can be found at www.nvidia.com/partnerforce

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