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NVIDIA and CGSociety Announce Winners Of NVArt "Architecture And Landscape" Digital Art Challenge


Award Winners to be Displayed at NVISION 08 in August in San Jose, California

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Calisa Cole Annie O’Neill
NVIDIA Corporation The CGSociety/Ballistic Media
(408) 486-6263 +61 88 463 1866
'Complex at the center of the Universe' by Staszek Marek, Poland
1st place: "Complex at the center of the Universe" by Staszek Marek, Poland
'The Great Bayan' by Sergey Skachkov, Russia
2nd place: "The Great Bayan" by Sergey Skachkov, Russia
'Mega Village 2108' by Andrew Barton, Great Britain
3rd place: "Mega Village 2108" by Andrew Barton, Great Britain

SANTA CLARA, CA and ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA ─APRIL 24, 2008─NVIDIA and CGSociety today announced the winners of the latest NVArt digital art challenge, the second in a series of worldwide art competitions. The theme was "Art Space: Architecture and Landscape."

Artists from around the world were invited to submit computer-generated imagery of "awe-inspiring fusions" of architecture and landscapes, with an emphasis on imagination and artistic expression. The winning submissions can be viewed online at

"We invited artists to stand on the shoulders of giants like architect Frank Gehry and gaze into the far reaches of their imaginations," said Mark Snoswell, president of CGSociety, a global organization for digital artists. "Our artists have created wonderful places that are pure art, where one can wake each day to marvel at the play of light through fantastical spaces and at vibrant fusions of light, color, and texture."

Selected NVArt award winners will be on display at NVISION 08, the premier event for visual computing professionals and enthusiasts, on August 25-27, 2008 in San Jose, California. For more information, go to: NVArt submissions have been showcased recently at the San Jose Museum of Art in Silicon Valley and the Tate Modern in London.

Award Winners
The winners of the "Art Space: Architecture and Landscape" challenge are:

  • 1st place: "Complex at the center of the Universe" by Staszek Marek, Poland
  • 2nd place: "The Great Bayan" by Sergey Skachkov, Russia
  • 3rd place: "Mega Village 2108" by Andrew Barton, Great Britain

Honorable Mention:

  • "Gaia’s Gift" by Petar Milivojevic, Belgrade, Serbia
  • "The Valley" by Rudolf Herczog, Sweden
  • "Wandering City" by Sergey Skachkov, Russia
  • "5:45 to Santa Monica – Now Boarding" by Aleksander (Olek) Novak-Zemplinski, USA
  • "Solaric Glass Anemone Structure V" by Albert Kiefer, Netherlands
  • "Heaven in Desert" by Tolgahan Güngör, Turkey
  • "The Pinevalley Keeps" by Georgi ‘Calader’ Simeonov, Great Britain
  • "Underworld" by Maxime Desmettre, Canada
  • "Water Plant" by David González Fernández, Spain
  • "Water Station" by Steve Bjorck, Great Britain
  • "Atmosphere Emitters" by Brajan Martinovic, Croatia
  • "In a Beautiful Place out in the Country" by Colin Cassidy, Great Britain

The submissions were reviewed by a distinguished panel of judges, including: Pascal Blanche, Ubisoft; Francisco Cortina, 3D Artist; Lorne Lanning, Oddworld Inhabitants; Stephan Martinere, Midway Games; JoAnne Northrup, San Jose Museum of Art; Shelley Page, Dreamworks; Mark Snoswell, CGSociety; Steven Stahlberg, Androidblues; and David Wright, NVIDIA.

Next NVArt Challenge
The theme of the next NVArt challenge is "Digital Fusion." It will run from April 24 to June 19, 2008. Artists are invited to create inspiring fusions of 2D and 3D that are more than the sum of their parts. For more information on "Digital Fusion," go to: (Winners from the first NVArt challenge - "Amazing Creations" - can be viewed at:

About The CGSociety
The CGSociety is a respected and accessible global organization for creative digital artists. CGSociety supports artists at every level by offering a range of services to connect, inform, educate, and promote, by celebrating achievement, excellence, and innovation in all aspects of digital art. CGSociety, along with Ballistic Publishing, is a division of Ballistic Media. For more information, visit


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