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RTT USA Sets New Standards In 3D Visualization With Latest Software


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PASADENA, Calif.(Sept. 23, 2009)RTT USA, Inc. (RTT), a leader in real time 3D visualization software and services for product design and marketing, continues to advance real time 3D visualization with new software suites and upgrades to existing tools. Today the company announced the following new products and updates:

  • RTT DeltaGen 9.0, latest version of RTT’s award-winning proprietary software
  • RTT DeltaTex, the world’s first software for virtual material design
  • RTT PowerHouse, a new tool that enables Web-based real time rendering
  • RTT PictureBook 5.0, an upgraded version of RTT’s visual asset management and presentation system

“These new and improved products give our clients competitive advantages in the areas of technology, speed, creativity, collaboration and cost,” said RTT USA CEO Jeroen Snepvangers. “This is more than a software upgrade – it’s proof that RTT is pushing the limits of 3D real time visualization and continuing to challenge the traditional definition of reality.”

RTT DeltaGen 9.0: Remarkable realism for high-end visualization
Version 9.0 of RTT DeltaGen allows for the highest level of visual workflow ever. Using intelligent work concepts and leading-edge visualization technology, it replaces physical prototypes, facilitates quick and easy decision-making and offers cost savings potential throughout the entire product cycle. At the technological heart of RTT DeltaGen 9.0 is the new real time high dynamic range (HDR)-based rendering technology. Thanks to optimal control of lighting, shadows and colors, the software delivers consistent color reproduction and flawless contrast flow independent of the rendering method (ray tracing, global illumination or OpenGL).

Three new add-on modules make working with RTT DeltaGen 9.0 easier, more efficient and more flexible:

  • RTT RealView makes previously unimaginable design and marketing applications possible by bringing together real, virtual and multimedia content. The viewer application allows users to view virtual models in real environments. Products can be tested, compared and modified in actual, physical environments – all in real time.
  • Previously it was impossible to incorporate layered images or flash films for Web applications due to their large size. With RTT LayerCreator, image layers or Adobe Flash films can be rendered from real time scenes produced with RTT DeltaGen. Producers and creative departments can easily arrange models, environments and effects into layers that can be individually edited, combined, displayed or hidden.
  • RTT Ramsis enables direct ergonomic analysis of virtual prototypes using the leading Ramsis standard. With RTT Ramsis, the user can insert human models into scenes created with DeltaGen, test motion sequences, view proportions and analyze designs – all with highly realistic visual quality.

RTT DeltaTex: The world’s first software for virtual material design
RTT DeltaTex brings 3D visualization capabilities to the world of materials. For the first time, material designers, stylists and color/trim experts can experience their material samples in virtual product environments and in real time. RTT DeltaTex allows designers to apply these precisely visualized materials to virtual prototypes created with RTT DeltaGen. The intuitive interface allows the user to edit color and shape properties with a mouse or touch screen. With RTT DeltaTex, highly realistic and interactively controllable material drafts can be created almost instantaneously.

“Creative freedom is at the core of RTT DeltaTex,” said Michele Hess, director of RTT’s Material & Color Connection. “Digital materials are organized in databases, and patterns from previous materials collections can also be added and modified. RTT DeltaTex is very easy to use and will give material designers and stylists a completely new set of design options.”

RTT PowerHouse: Automated real time visualization via the Web
RTT PowerHouse is the first real time server that allows streaming, Web-based rendering of 3D visualization assets without requiring high-end hardware. Users with virtually no previous knowledge of 3D content creation can now create high-quality images, films and 3D visualizations for almost any application from any location via their Web browser. Design reviews in real time via the Internet, the rapid creation of advertising materials and the automated display of extensive media are now possible, even at remote locations. RTT PowerHouse also makes angle hunting and creating storyboards at design agencies easier and more efficient.

Real time streaming allows the full interactivity of the 3D real time model to be used to render any desired image format on demand, such as high-quality print images, 2D, 2.5D and 3D contents for the Web, image sequencing, animation and films.

“RTT PowerHouse is ideal for design agencies because it gives them the 3D experience of a model for endless planning opportunities, but it keeps their clients’ sensitive data secure on the server,” said Snepvangers.

RTT PictureBook 5.0: Intuitive and efficient visual asset management
The 5.0 version of RTT PictureBook, the visual asset management and presentation system, includes smart search and sort functions and a new user interface. RTT PictureBook 5.0 has an iTunes-like interface that allows users to create ‘favorite’ lists to combine, sort and organize videos and images.

“Both RTT PowerHouse and RTT PictureBook 5.0 offer users in global teams significant competitive advantages by linking simple, secure data handling with process acceleration,” Snepvangers added. “They both provide efficiencies throughout the entire product cycle.”


About RTT USA, Inc.
RTT USA, Inc. is a leading provider of realtime 3D visualization software and services for product design and marketing. RTT’s software allows clients to visualize products with incredible precision and accuracy using only engineering data. RTT helps designers experience concepts interactively and allows marketing and sales teams to create materials for Web, print and TV before the actual product is available. RTT provides a link between design, engineering, marketing and sales for optimum collaboration and efficiency from product development to purchase. The company’s clients include Adidas, Audi, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Harley Davidson, Infiniti, Lexus, Nissan, Scion, Toyota, Under Armour and Volkswagen.

RTT USA has offices in Pasadena, Calif. and Royal Oak, Mich. Its parent company, Realtime Technology AG, is headquartered in Munich, Germany and employs approximately 350 people at 14 locations worldwide.

Follow RTT’s parent company @RTTAG on Twitter and check out RTT’s YouTube channel at


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