Developing with GPUs. Getting Started


Get started quickly with parallel programming using the solution that best meets your needs. Your options include simply dropping in a GPU-accelerated library, adding a few OpenACC Directives in your code, or designing your own parallel algorithms. You can even combine these approaches to accelerate your applications:


GPU-Accelerated Libraries


OpenACC Directives

Simplest way to portable computing with accelerators using OpenACC directives.

OpenACC Directives for Accelerators
> Open: Future-proof your codes with this
   open standard
> Simple: Easy, high-level, compiler driven
   approach to parallel computing
> Portable: Ideal for accelerating legacy
   Fortran or C codes

Programming Languages

Develop your own parallel applications and libraries using a programming language you already know.

CUDA C / C++
CUDA C / C++
GPU Acceleration for C and C++ Apps

CUDA Fortran
CUDA Fortran
GPU Acceleration for Fortran Applications

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