Multi-GPU Technology

Visualize and Simulate Faster with NVIDIA Multi-GPU Technology



In ultracompetitive markets, it's critical to shorten design cycles to get products to market faster.

Digital prototyping allows designers/engineers to iterate and visualize their product designs involving clients much earlier in the product development cycle thus enabling more confidence in their manufactured product.

Multi-GPU systems unleash the interactive potential of applications like DS CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, Siemens NX, PTC Creo, Autodesk Fusion360, Inventor and 3ds Max to let designers and visualization specialists use an intuitive approach that matches the real-world behavior of light and materials. The graphics and computing power of NVIDIA professional GPUs minimize rendering times and maximize interactivity to speed the creative process, so you can get products to market faster.


Simulation engineers want to improve product quality while reducing development time and cost. This often involves simulation methods such as computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools for computational structural mechanics(CSM)/finite-element analysis(FEA), computational fluid dynamics(CFD), and computational electromagnetics(CEM).

Multi-GPU systems meet simulation turnaround demands while removing all productivity bottlenecks. This benefits CAE applications from ISVs such as ANSYS, Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA, Altair/FluiDyna, MSC Software, Autodesk, Siemens PLM, IMPETUS Afea, Prometech, Vratis and others. Engineers can now experience much faster simulations from their systems and realize model fidelity that was previously impossible, so they can produce more design variations in less time.


Perform rapid photorealistic rendering of your designs in applications such as 3ds Max or SOLIDWORKS Visualize in a fraction of the time of a single GPU.

3dsMax 2016 + iRay Performance


Boost your productivity and workflow by performing structural, fluid dynamics or electromagnetic analysis with applications such as ANSYS and ABAQUS while running CAD or CAE pre- and post-processors.


NVIDIA engineers work closely with software vendors to ensure that multiple GPUs will function with all the speed, functionality, and reliability users demand.

Application Category Benefits of Multiple GPUs
ANSYS Mechanical, FLUENT, HFSS CSM, CFD, CEM Complex simulations and computations completed faster
ABAQUS/Standard, CST STUDIO CSM, CEM Complex simulations and computations completed faster
Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform - CATIA V6 Live Rendering Styling Design and real-time rendering
3DEXCITE DeltaGen Design Faster ray tracing through faster computations in NVIDIA® CUDA®
S3D Direct Numerical Simulation Faster ray tracing through faster computations in NVIDIA CUDA
Bunkspeed SHOT, PRO, and DRIVE Design Faster ray tracing through faster computations in NVIDIA CUDA


"Last year, we were forced to compromise, eliminating a lot of great features and dumbing things down because our computer technology wasn't fast enough to perform the design and rendering we needed. This year was an entirely different story. The NVIDIA Multi-GPU-powered system gave us the time to explore different options - with Multi-GPU systems we can now be 10 times more creative. In a given amount of time, we can explore so many different options and get to a better end product."
Alan Barrington
Mercedes Advanced Design Center California.

Mercedes Benz creates a Concept Car using Multi-GPU (PDF 569KB)

"Oh my! This truly feels like heaven. To think that it was just yesterday that we had to design first and then let the machine wait hours rendering.. and we're onto pulling off both at the same time!..
Matthew DeCarlo
Nvidia Multi-GPU hybridizes Quadro and Tesla products

"The NVIDIA Multi-GPU-powered system is like getting three people's worth of use on a single machine. This system is a beast. We haven't yet found anything it can't handle, even simultaneous CAD, analysis, and additional number crunching in remote rendering jobs. We can do all our highly complex analysis or rendering without interrupting other work going on."
Jason Calaiaro
Director of Information Systems for Astrobotic Technology.
Astrobotic Technology uses Multi-GPU to Ignite a New Era of Moon Exploration (PDF 338KB)

"By bringing FEA and CFD processing power back to local machines, NVIDIA offers engineers an ideal multitasking possibility: They can now design their product's geometry in CAD software, evaluate its aesthetics in near real-time rendering mode, and verify its structural integrity and functions through simulation."
Kenneth Wong
Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop
NVIDIA Multi-GPU Unveiled: A Mini-HPC System in a Desktop Box

"The reason why the NVIDIA Quadro K5000 makes sense for us is because we can create fully rendered images of a bike before we actually build it…A major manufacturer might make several passes at a design, make a clay model, and do further refinements, but with our small staff and budget we need to do it all in one pass. Before, in order to make the render manageable we'd have to turn off several graphics features, so we would make an educated guess and hope for the best, but now we can utilize all the graphics features and see exactly how the bike looks, every detail, and tweak things as needed while still in that rendering phase – that's a huge advantage and something we hadn't been able to do before."
Nick Schoeps
Senior Engineer, Motoczysz