Develop and Deploy With NVIDIA Graphics


With its new Quadro4 family of workstation graphics solutions, NVIDIA has once again raised the bar on graphics for professional workstations, giving game developers the most complete solution for realizing their creative visions.

At its booth NVIDIA showcased the benefits of a 'develop and deply' strategy using its Quadro4 and GeForce4 GPUs to create visually stunning, cinematic-quality 3D animation. In a stunning demonstration, show attendees witnessed the Quadro4 in action as it rendered the warewolf, featured in NVIDIA's GeForce4 demo, from wireframe to fully-rendered model in real-time. Long gone are the days when developers created an animation, changed a couple values and features, then proceeded to wait for obscenely long periods of time while their workstation slowly rendered their altered animation. The Quadro4 constantly burns out real-time renderings, allowing animators to instantly view and modify their work in real-time, cutting down on wasted time and optimizing the game production procedure. The Quadro4 was also featured in Discreet's "gmax-ready room." The invitation-only room showed off games that were developed using NVIDIA graphics solutions and Discreet's 3d max animation software tools, including Dungeon Siege and EA Games' Command and Conquer: RENEGADE by Westwood Studios.

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