NVIDIA Game Center Alliance—6800 Launch
Check out the new GeForce 6800 at one of these 30 NVIDIA Game Center Alliance member locations!

GeForce 6800 Launch Event
May 24 - June 20
From May 24 through June 20, visit one of the 30 game centers listed below, and check out the latest graphics technology from NVIDIA. These 30 game centers will each have on display a graphics card featuring the GeForce 6800 GT GPU. Take a test drive with NVIDIA’s latest GPU, and experience first-hand NVIDIA’s largest generational technology leap in history!

You can check out the new NVIDIA GeForce 6800 at these participating game centers:

All 30 centers are members of NVIDIA’s Game Center Alliance (NGCA) program, which currently has over 200 members worldwide. Members of the NGCA receive rebates on NVIDIA hardware, free marketing materials, listing on nZone's "Where to Play" page, as well as opportunities to participate in product launches like this one. If you are a game center owner, or are thinking about opening a game center, please visit the iGames website dedicated to the NVIDIA Game Center Alliance today!

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