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Aharon Lev-Tov
Aharon Lev-Tov is a Professor of Neurobiology and a Dr. Siegfried Haber Chair in Medicine at the Hebrew University Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel. He is the chairperson of the department of Medical Neurobiology, the head of the Computer Committee of the Faculty of Medicine and a member of the board of directors of the Computer Authority of the Hebrew University. Dr Lev-Tov’s research concerns neural control of movement and posture with a special attention to the spinal networks underlying automated movements. His research includes both basic and clinical studies. Dr. Lev-Tov’s group is recently involved in developing statistical tools for automated analysis of non-stationary electrical signals produced by the nervous and muscular system. The GPU-based parallel computing introduced by NVidia, is used by his group to develop a fast and accurate means for the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases and traumatic injuries of the nervous system.

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