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Alon Korngreen

Dr. Alon Korngreen was born and raised in Israel. He received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel in 1997. He then spent three years specializing in neurophysiology and electrophysiology in the lab of Nobel Laureate Prof. Bert Sakmann in Germany. He joined the faculty of Life Sciences at Bar-Ilan University in 2001 where he is currently a Senior Lecturer of Cellular Neurophysiology. His research touches one of the basic yet still unresolved questions in neuroscience: How do neurons process information? What is the neuronal code at the cellular level? During the last years he has been developing new computational techniques that will allow investigating these questions. One technique was developed in collaboration with his former post-doc supervisor (Schaefer et al. 2003). This method allows extracting the true kinetics and conductance densities of voltage-gated K+ channels from dendritic whole-cell voltage-clamp recordings. Another technique under development in the lab is the use of stochastic optimization algorithms for constraining compartmental models of neurons with non-homogenous distributions of ion channels (Keren et al 2005, 2009) and markov chain models of voltage-gated ion channels (Gurkiewicz and Korngreen 2007).

Schaefer, A.T., Helmstaedter, M., Sakmann, B. and Korngreen, A. (2003) Correction of conductance measurements in non-space-clamped structures: 1. Voltage-gated K+ channels. Biophysical Journal 84, 3508-3528
Keren, N. Peled, N. and Korngreen A. (2005). Constraining compartmental models using multiple voltage-recordings and genetic algorithms. Journal of Neurophysiology 94: 3730-3743
Gurkiewicz, M., and Korngreen, A. (2007). A numerical approach to ion channel modelling using whole-cell voltage-clamp recordings and a genetic algorithm. PLoS Computational Biology 3(8): e169.
Keren, N., Bar-Yehuda, D. and Korngreen, A. (2009). Experimentally guided modelling of dendritic excitability in rat neocortical pyramidal neurones Journal of Physiology 587: 1413–1437.

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