SLI Game Profiles – What do I need to know?

SLI Game Profiles - What do I need to know?

Dear Mad Mod Mike,

Hi, I was wondering how would I setup a profile for Battlefield 2 and what would I be able to set the profile to?


Dear Mad Mod Mike,

I think I know the answers to these questions but I've never really seen a clear description.

First, if I choose SLI antialiasing as my SLI rendering mode (for either the global setting or for a specific game) will my two 7800 GTX's be working together in SLI mode, or will they just use SLI to render the antialiasing (in effect using one card to do the rest of the graphics work)?

Second, when I create a profile for a game that doesn't have one, do I have to make it the active profile before I run the game? That goes for the profiles included with the current drivers. For example, if I want to play Doom 3 and take advantage of SLI do I have to make the Doom 3 profile the active profile first, or is it used automatically simply because there is a profile for it?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



MMM Let me help! NVIDIA has created a ton of game profiles which enable SLI out-of-the-box. What does this mean? This means that if the game is found in this list, you don't have to do anything! The game will run in SLI mode out-of-the-box. If fact, I really recommend that you don't play around with existing profiles since NVIDIA has already done a ton of work for you to find the best SLI settings and optimized them for each game.

So Sandy, since Battlefield 2 is on this list, you actually don't need to concern yourself at all with profiles!

Rodney, as you may have noticed with the new Release 81.87 Beta Driver, SLI antialiasing can be enabled for any game without using Coolbits. To enable SLI antialiasing, you simply need to open the control panel, and select it as the SLI Rendering mode found under Advanced Settings. Once you have set the mode to SLI antialiasing, you can go to antialiasing settings and toggle between SLI8x and SLI16x (this can be done globally or just for a specific application). Yes, SLI antialiasing does use SLI Technology. Each card does half of the antialiasing work. That is how you can achieve 16x antialiasing! However, this mode is a standalone rendering mode (it is independent from the other rendering modes) which is focused on image quality improvements and not performance improvements. If you don't need the performance improvement from SLI, this is a great mode.

To answer the second part of your question, NO, the profile does not need to be shown as the 'active profile' for it to work. Once there is a profile that is correctly associated with an application, it will just work. If you need help setting up custom profiles (again they should ONLY be used for games not in NVIDIA's optimized list), simply follow these instructions.

Now, back to F.E.A.R!


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