Calendar of Events


We look forward to seeing you on campus.

If NVIDIA hasn't scheduled any events at your school or a school near you, you are invited to submit your resume to

Date University Recruiting Career Fair Schedule Winter 2014
1/13/2014 Georgia Tech Day One
1/15/2014 Stanford Computer Forum
1/17/2014 University of Toronto ( You're Next Fair )
1/22/2014 UCLA Day One
1/22/2014 University of Florida Day Two
1/25/2014 Stanford EOJ Fair
1/27/2014 UC Berkeley Day One
1/28/2014 Texas A&M
1/29/2014 University of Michigan Day One
1/30/2014 UBC - Vancouver
1/31/2014 UT Austin
2/3/2014 UW-Madison Day One
2/4/2014 Cornell
2/4/2014 Purdue (EXPO)
2/4/2014 CMU Day One
2/5/2014 NC State
2/5/2014 USC
2/13/2014 UIUC EXPO
2/20/2014 OSU Day Two