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NVIDIA Studio Driver

Version: 441.12  WHQL
Release Date: 2019.11.4
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
Language: English (US)
File Size: 576.01 MB

Release Highlights
Supported products
Additional information
NVIDIA Studio Drivers provide artists, creators and 3D developers the best performance and reliability when working with creative applications. To achieve the highest level of reliability, Studio Drivers undergo extensive testing against multi-app creator workflows and multiple revisions of the top creative applications from Adobe to Autodesk and beyond.


Available just in time for the latest releases at Adobe MAX, our new NVIDIA Studio Driver provides optimal support for Adobe Dimension, Adobe Premiere Pro, Substance Alchemist and more.

The latest NVIDIA Studio Driver also adds support for OptiX 7, a powerful ray-tracing API that is being implemented by leading 3D renderers including the Blender Cycles 2.81 Beta.

Beyond supporting the latest features and functionality of the newest applications, NVIDIA Studio Drivers continue to offer the best performance and reliability for current applications as well. To that end, the new Studio Driver provides a significant performance improvement in a wide variety of current creative applications including Autodesk Arnold, Adobe Premiere Pro, REDCINE-X Pro, and more.

ReShade Support
Game broadcasters and content creators can now easily tailor the look and feel of their gameplay with support for hundreds of Reshade filters. With the launch of the new Studio Driver and a new GeForce Experience update, a vast library of these filters can be utilized in over 650 games to adjust the look and feel of your gameplay in real-time using NVIDIA Freestyle.

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