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Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T) Display Driver

Version: 545.23.06 BETA
Release Date: 2023.10.17
Operating System: Linux 64-bit
Language: English (US)
File Size: 309.78 MB

Release Highlights
Supported products
Additional information
  • Added experimental HDMI 10 bits per component support; enable by loading nvidia-modeset with `hdmi_deepcolor=1`.
  • Added support for the CTM, DEGAMMA_LUT, and GAMMA_LUT DRM-KMS CRTC properties. These are used by features such as the "Night Light" feature in GNOME and the "Night Color" feature in KDE, when they are used as Wayland compositors.
  • Added beta-quality support for GeForce and Workstation GPUs to open kernelmodules. Please see the "Open Linux Kernel Modules" chapter in the README for details.
  • Added initial experimental support for runtime D3 (RTD3) power management on Desktop GPUs. Please see the 'PCI-Express Runtime D3 (RTD3) Power Management' chapter in the README for more details.
  • Added support for the EGL_ANDROID_native_fence_sync EGL extension and the VK_EXTERNAL_SEMAPHORE_HANDLE_TYPE_SYNC_FD_BIT and VK_EXTERNAL_FENCE_HANDLE_TYPE_SYNC_FD_BIT Vulkan external handle types when the nvidia-drm kernel module is loaded with the modeset=1 parameter.
  • Added experimental support for framebuffer consoles provided by nvidia-drm. On kernels that implement drm_fbdev_generic_setup and drm_aperture_remove_conflicting_pci_framebuffers, nvidia-drm will install a framebuffer console when loaded with both `modeset=1` and `fbdev=1` kernel module parameters. This will replace the Linux boot console driven by a system framebuffer driver such as efifb or vesafb.
    Note that when an nvidia-drm framebuffer console is enabled, unloading nvidia-drm will cause the screen to turn off.
  • Updated nvidia-installer to allow installing the driver while an existing NVIDIA driver is already loaded.
  • Added support for virtual reality displays, such as the SteamVR platform, on Wayland compositors that support DRM leasing. Support requires xwayland version 22.1.0 and wayland-protocols version 1.22, or later. Tested on sway, minimum version 1.7 with wlroots version 0.15, and also on Kwin, minimum version 5.24.
    Note: Before xwayland 23.2, there is a known issue with HDMI displays where the headset will fail to start a second time after closing SteamVR. This can be worked around by unplugging and replugging in the headset.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) from working with Wayland.
  • Added support to the NVIDIA VDPAU driver for running in Xwayland. Please refer to the "Xwayland support in VDPAU" section of the README for further details.
  • Added to the driver package. This is a helper library used for GPU shader compilation.
  • Removed from the driver package. This helper library is no longer needed by the Wayland WSI.
  • Fixed a bug that intermittently caused the display to freeze when resuming from suspend on some Ada GPUs.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause monitors to flicker when the performance state changes on Turing GPUs.