To configure my displays for Surround

  1. From the NVIDIA Control Panel navigation tree pane, under 3D Settings, select Configure Surround to open the associated page.

    Depending on the graphics cards installed, the link and page title may also include SLI, PhysX, or multi-GPU.

  2. Click the Span displays with Surround check box, then click Configure to open the NVIDIA Set Up Surround window.

  3. Configure your displays as needed using the NVIDIA Set Up Surround window.

    Displays Section

    Display Grid Area

    Resolution Section

    Bezel Correction Section

    Click Keyboard Shortcuts to create, view, or edit keyboard shortcuts (hot keys) for enabling/disabling Surround, switching between the surround and single-wide display resolutions, and performing bezel peeking (for example, to view HUD elements that are hidden behind the bezel)

    Note: The NVIDIA Set Up Surround window opens if you use the hot keys to enable Surround on displays that were not previously configured for Surround.


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