About the NVIDIA Control Panel Interface

The screen below shows the NVIDIA Control Panel as it appears under Windows XP and under Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8, and shows a template to identify the main task pane, the navigation (Select a task) pane, the menu bar, and the toolbar.


NVIDIA Control Panel  -
Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

NVIDIA Control Panel  - Windows XP

1 – The main task pane is where the NVIDIA graphics driver controls are located. This area of the screen is where you will focus most of your attention as you use the NVIDIA Control Panel to accomplish your goals. Depending on your PC manufacturer, there is a Welcome page that appears the first time you open the NVIDIA Control Panel after installing the driver.  On subsequent visits, the control panel reopens to the last page visited.  

2 – The Navigation tree (or Select a task) pane provides a tree view of the task pages that are available on your system. Click the tree item to open that page.    

3Menu bar contains standard Windows menus and menus specific to the NVIDIA Control Panel such as Desktop.

4Toolbar provides quick access to common tasks such as navigating between task pages.


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