Set Up Multiple Displays (Windows 7 and later)

nView display modes enable you to view your desktop in one of several multi-display modes to make the best use of the displays (monitors) that are connected to your computer.


Select the displays you want to use.

This section lists the displays connected to your system, and shows to which GPUs they are connected. Use this section to select which displays to use.


Arrange the icons to match your display configuration.

This section operates in a similar manner to the Windows Display Settings page and includes additional functionality.  It shows which displays are enabled and in what configuration (extended mode or clone mode), and for displays connected to a GPU operating in SLI mode it shows which display has full SLI acceleration for full-screen applications.  This is also called the "SLI focus" display.

In this section, you can  


My display is not shown

 If you cannot see your display listed, then clicking My display is not shown opens the Detect Missing Display dialog box.


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