CUDA Spotlight: PGI CUDA C Compiler

The Portland Group (PGI) announced a partnership with NVIDIA. We interviewed PGI's Douglas Miles for more details.

NVIDIA: Douglas, tell us about PGI.
Douglas: PGI is based in Portland, Oregon. We create software tools that maximize performance and portability of applications across Linux, Windows and OSX. Today, these tools include CUDA Fortran and the PGI Accelerator for NVIDIA GPUs.

NVIDIA: What did PGI announce at GTC 2010?
Douglas: We announced the "PGI CUDA C compiler," a new tool that will enable CUDA developers to deploy their applications on systems based on the industry-standard x86 architecture.

NVIDIA: Why is this significant?
Douglas: Today's application developers need flexibility. They want to be able to create innovative apps that leverage parallel computing and then deploy these apps on a wide range of target systems. The new PGI CUDA C compiler will enable developers to write parallel CUDA C applications that can run on x86 workstations, servers and clusters - with or without NVIDIA GPUs.

NVIDIA: Will the new PGI CUDA C compiler work with both AMD and Intel processors?
Douglas: Yes. PGI compilers have been optimized for performance on the latest AMD and Intel processors since 1997. All of that technology will be put to work optimizing both the sequential and massively parallel components of CUDA C applications.

NVIDIA: What is the timing for the rollout?
Douglas: We will demonstrate a prototype at SC '10 in November in New Orleans. We aim to have a first production release in Q2 2011.

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