Take Home a Hand-crafted
MOD24 Gaming PC.

GAME24 is a global celebration of PC gaming encompassing almost every aspect of what makes this industry and its community great. Part of this celebration is our MOD24 contest, where six of the best modders on the planet team up to create three amazing, one-of-a-kind gaming PCs live on-air.

The challenge is simple. Watch the GAME24 Live broadcast. Every two hours, one letter will be released to the audience, totaling twelve letters in all. Once you have collected all 12 letters, you must decipher a specific hidden phrase. Then, simply complete the entry form below and include the hidden phrase.

The first two viewers to enter the contest with the correct phrase will win one of the amazing MOD24 custom gaming PCs.

Entries close at 6pm PST on Friday, September 19th. Terms & Conditions apply*.

MOD24 Custom Gaming PC powered by 3-Way SLI GeForce GTX 980 valued at USD $6,000 Each1


The winners of our GAME24 contest are:
Christian Bauer of Germany, Brian Mbuba of New Zealand, and Elijah Saucedo of United States.

Grand Prizes MOD24 gaming PC (custom, hand-built, NVIDIA® Maxwell™–powered, 3-way NVIDIA SLI® GeForce® GTX™ 980 gaming PC) with a value of USD $6,000.00 each.

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