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Welcome to CUDA: WEEK IN REVIEW, an online news summary for the worldwide CUDA, GPGPU and parallel programming ecosystem.
GPU Technology Conference
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NEW: NVIDIA Research is seeking world class domain experts in application areas such as web servers, data centers, machine learning, big data and data analytics. We are recruiting candidates at a variety of levels, from new PhDs to experienced researchers. Visit:


Learn More About Parallel Programming

NVIDIA's Mark Harris shares his top picks for parallel programming references in his recent blog post. Check it out and join the conversation. If you submit a useful comment to the blog discussion during the month of April, we will send you a complimentary copy of Rob Farber's CUDA Application Design and Development.
- Read Parallel Forall
New Parallel Programming Blog


GPU-Accelerated Scientific Discovery

This week's spotlight is on Lorena Barba of Boston University. Professor Barba is a computational scientist and fluid dynamicist. She was recently presented with the prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER award and is a CUDA Fellow.
- Read our interview with Lorena Barba

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Lorena Barba


Run Your Work on the Titan Supercomputer!

Accelerate your science on the Titan Supercomputer by harnessing up to 20 petaflops of parallel processing power using GPUs. The INCITE Call for Proposals is now open. Intrigued? You can get started by filling out a 5-minute survey.
- Learn about the Call for Proposals

Parallel Nsight 2.2

Parallel Nsight 2.2 Release Candidate 1 is now available, supporting GeForce GPUs based on the new Kepler architecture. In addition, it enables developers to debug CUDA code natively on a single GPU system within Visual Studio. For graphics developers, Parallel Nsight now supports DirectX 9 in the Frame Debugger, Frame Profiler, Analysis and Nsight HUD.
- Learn about Parallel Nsight 2.2 RC1

New Adobe Creative Suite 6 is CUDA Accelerated

Adobe revealed its Creative Suite 6 Production Premium software this week at NAB 2012 in Las Vegas. The Adobe Mercury Playback Engine in Premiere Pro leverages CUDA-based Quadro GPUs to deliver up to 8x faster performance for key features like three-way color corrector and uninterrupted playback. You can take advantage of the new 3D ray-traced renderer in After Effects to simplify and accelerate the motion graphics workflow. Adobe's Bill Roberts comments: "With Adobe Creative Suite 6, we've innovated even more broadly around GPUs from NVIDIA to further simplify design workflows with new capabilities that enable creative pros to deliver the highest quality productions in the least amount of time."
- Read about Adobe CS6

Faster MATLAB Code with Jacket v2.1

AccelerEyes announced the release of Jacket v2.1, adding new GPU computing capabilities for MATLAB. New improvements include an Optimization Library, extended support for sparse matrix subscripting and additional functions to the Graphics Library.
- Learn more about Jacket v2.1
- Download 15-day Trial
- See examples of accelerated MATLAB code

Four-Week Countdown to GTC 2012

GTC 2012 is on May 14-17 in San Jose, Calif. It will feature hundreds of speakers from academia and industry, delivering insights into the power of parallel computing across a range of topics, from bioinformatics and energy exploration to climate monitoring and computational photography. It's a unique chance to brainstorm and collaborate with peers and colleagues from around the world.
- To exhibit, contact Jasmin Dave to reserve a table:
- Review list of sessions
- Register today (Newsletter readers: 10% off w/ GM10CD. Government/academia: 40% off
   w/ GA40CF)


NVIDIA Names New CUDA Fellows, by Chandra Cheij
No Free Lunch, by Steve Scott
Bill Dally Returns as NVIDIA's Head of Research, by Bob Sherbin


Fermi National Accelerator Lab is looking for a GPGPU computational physics developer to work on software libraries and physics applications used in large-scale parallel simulations of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) and other strongly coupled beyond-the-Standard-Model gauge theories.
- Contact:


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In the Chicago area? Be sure to check out the Chicago GPU Meetup. The group's recent meeting on April 11 featured talks by NVIDIA's John Ashley on CUDA Thrust and Dr. Michael Kelly on the use of Wolfram Mathematica and CUDA in the field of financial derivatives (Mathematica recently upgraded its GPU platform to allow for the determination of 60 different classes of financial derivatives via CUDA.)
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- AccelerEyes ArrayFire Training: Defense & Intelligence (Webinar)
April 18, 2012

- Accelerating Apps with OpenACC
April 18-19, 2012, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Hosted by Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center in conjunction with PGI and NVIDIA

- SPIE: Defense, Security and Sensing
April 23-27, 2012, Baltimore, Maryland
Note: GPU for Defense Apps talk, April 25, Eric Kelmelis, EM Photonics

- State-of-the-Art Algorithms for Molecular Dynamics (NAIS)
April 30-May 2, 2012, Edinburgh, UK
Note: Tutorial: April 30-May 2, Workshop: May 2-4
CUDA Fellow Ross Walker, SDSC, to speak on May 4 on GPU acceleration of AMBER

- 4-Day CUDA Course (Acceleware)
May 8-11, 2012, Calgary, AB, Canada

- Better Chemistry through Quantum Mechanics
May 10, 2012, Middleton, Conn.

- INPAR 2012
May 13-14, 2012, San Jose, Calif.

- AccelerEyes Jacket Training: Optimization (Webinar)
May 15, 2012

- GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2012)
May 14-17, 2012, San Jose, Calif.

- Intro to GPGPU and CUDA (CINECA)
May 24-25, 2012, Bologna, Italy

- Workshop on Emerging Parallel Architectures (WEPA 2012)
June 2-4, 2012, Omaha, Nebraska

- 4-Day CUDA Course - Life Science Focus (Acceleware)
June 4-7, 2012, Boston, Mass.

- International Mathematica Symposium (University College, London)
June 11-13, 2012, London, UK

- AccelerEyes ArrayFire Training: Machine Learning (Webinar)
June 15, 2012

- 4-Day CUDA Course (Acceleware)
July 17-20, 2012, Irvine, Calif.

- ISC '12
June 17-21, 2012, Hamburg, Germany

- OpenMP & OpenACC Training Session
June 20-22, 2012, IDRIS, Paris, France

- International Congress of Quantum Chemistry
June 25-30, 2012, Boulder, Colorado

- Parallel Computing Summer School (CINECA)
July 2-13, 2012 (in Italian)
Sept. 3-14, 2012 (in English)

- Computational Chemistry (Gordon Research Conferences)
July 22-27, 2012, West Dover, Vermont

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