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Welcome to CUDA: WEEK IN REVIEW, an online news summary for the worldwide CUDA, GPGPU and parallel programming ecosystem.
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Did you know that adding GPU acceleration to your app can be as easy as calling a library function? Here are two examples:
  • NVIDIA cuBLAS is a GPU-accelerated version of the standard BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) library. cuBLAS on an NVIDIA Tesla M2090 GPU delivers over 6x faster performance than Intel MKL (Math Kernel Library) BLAS on an Intel Xeon x5680 Six-Core CPU @ 3.33 GHz.
  • NVIDIA cuFFT provides a simple interface for computing FFTs (Fast Fourier Transforms) without having to develop your own custom GPU FFT implementation. cuFFT on an NVIDIA Tesla M2090 is up to 10x faster than Intel MKL on Intel Xeon x5680 Six-Core CPU @ 3.33 GHz.
- Learn more about GPU-accelerated libraries
- Download CUDA 4.1

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CUDA Spotlight: GPU-Accelerated Swarm Behavior

This week’s spotlight is on Iain Couzin, an Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University.

Dr. Couzin’s expertise is in the study of collective animal behavior. His lab uses a range of experimental systems - from ants and locust swarms to schooling fish and even human crowds - to explore the fundamental principles that underlie collective behavior.
Iain Couzin
- Read our interview with Iain Couzin

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GTC 2012 Registration is Open

The GPU Technology Conference is quickly approaching (May 14-17)! We’ve created a special thank you code for CUDA newsletter readers. When registering, enter GM15CD as the promo code for 15% off a Full or One Day pass. (Government and academic registrants are eligible for a 40% discount with this promo code: GA40CF.) Sign up before March 20 for the early bird discount.
- Register for GTC 2012 today

New CUDA Centers Announced

This week, 23 universities and research institutions became new CUDA Research and Teaching Centers. The CUDA Teaching Centers empower thousands of students each year to leverage GPU computing. The CUDA Research Centers utilize GPU computing across multiple fields. New Centers include: Gdansk University of Technology (Poland); Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (India); and Joanneum Research - Digital (Austria).
- Read the blog post by Chandra Cheij

Keeneland Workshop at Georgia Tech

The Keeneland Project and Georgia Tech held a workshop on GPUs and computational science, covering topics such as "Scalable Heterogeneous Processing." Presentations will be posted online. The Keeneland Project is a five-year cooperative agreement awarded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to bring emerging architectures to the open science community.
- Learn more about the Keeneland workshop

CUDA Education

- In finance? Check out the upcoming webinar on GPU-Accelerated Quant Finance: The Way Forward.
- In oil exploration? Learn about Acceleware and Microsoft's CUDA and O&G course in Houston.


AccelerEyes develops and markets GPU software. The company has working relationships with contract CUDA programmers and continues to look for more. If you have a strong background in math, stats, image/signal processing and a good understanding of the M language, contact: jobs (at) accelereyes (dot) com.


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Welcome to the new GPU Meetup in Christchurch, New Zealand! And congrats to the GPU Meetup of New York, which has the highest number of members at 600 and growing. Last but not least, kudos to the GPU Meetup of South Florida, which recently presented at the South Florida Code Camp on the topic of "Large Scale Machine Learning using CUDA." This is a good example of how like-minded groups can network and learn from each other.
New York | Silicon Valley | Boston | Denver/Boulder | South Florida  | New Mexico | Austin | Washington, DC

Paris | London | South Africa

Tokyo | Perth | Brisbane | Melbourne | New Zealand | India

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- GPU-Accelerated Quant Finance: The Way Forward (Webinar)
Feb. 29, 2012, noon eastern
Speaker: Gerald A. Hanweck Jr., Hanweck Associates

March 3, 2012, London, England

- CUDA 4-Day Training Course - Acceleware and Microsoft
March 6-9, 2012, Sunnyvale, Calif.

- Open Molecular Mechanics (OpenMM) Workshop
March 12-13, 2012, Stanford, Calif.

- HPC Advisory Council
March 13-15, 2012, Lugano, Switzerland

- CUDA 4-Day Training Course - Acceleware and Microsoft
March 20-23, 2012, Houston, Texas


- SPIE: Defense, Security and Sensing
April 23-27, 2012, Baltimore, Maryland
Note: GPU for Defense Apps, April 25, Eric Kelmelis, EM Photonics

- State-of-the-Art Algorithms for Molecular Dynamics
April 30-May 2, 2012, Edinburgh, UK

- INPAR 2012
May 13-14, 2012, San Jose, Calif.

- GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2012)
May 14-17, 2012, San Jose, Calif.

- Workshop on Emerging Parallel Architectures (WEPA 2012)
June 2-4, 2012, Omaha, Nebraska

- ISC'12
June 17-21, 2012, Hamburg, Germany

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