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CUDA Week in Review Newsletter
Tues., Jan. 14, 2014, Issue #105 Newsletter Home

Welcome to CUDA: Week In Review, news and resources for the worldwide parallel programming community.

Happy New Year!
To usher in 2014, the NVIDIA team suggests these Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions:
  1. Register for GPU Tech Conference, Mar. 24-27, San Jose, Calif.
  2. Join CUDA Reg Dev Program for early access, exclusive downloads
  3. Download CUDA Toolkit 5.5
  4. Learn what’s coming in CUDA 6 (video)
  5. Test drive new Kepler GPU accelerator
  6. Visit Parallel Forall blog
  7. Watch OpenACC CUDACast (video)
  8. Sign up for hands-on labs
  9. Add CUDA to your LinkedIn skills
  10. Attend or start a GPU Meetup
And, please take a minute to fill out our reader survey so we can improve the newsletter in 2014. Thanks!
CUDA Pro Tip: A new profiling feature in CUDA 5.5 allows you to profile the clocks, power and thermal characteristics of the GPU as it executes your code. Learn more at Parallel Forall.


Nestor GomezGPU-Accelerated Augmented Reality
This week’s Spotlight is on Nestor Gomez, CEO of Artefacto Estudio, developer of interactive apps and games in Mexico City. Read the Spotlight.


GTC 2014 RegistrationGTC 2014 Registration is Open
The GPU Tech Conference (March 24-27) is the world’s leading event for GPU developers. It will feature 500 sessions, hands-on labs and opportunities for 1:1 interaction with industry influencers and technologists.
- Registration is open (CUDA newsletter readers: 20% discount with GM20CD code).
- It’s not too late to submit your work. Call for posters is open through Jan 31.

NVIDIA Tegra K1NVIDIA Tegra K1 Announced
At the Computer Electronics Show last week in Las Vegas, NVIDIA announced Tegra K1, the first mobile processor to support CUDA. In addition to its graphics and compute capabilities, Tegra K1 delivers breakthrough efficiency.


Need CUDA training or advice? See list of worldwide CUDA trainers and consultants.
Want to learn about parallel programming? Sign up for Udacity CS344.


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Jan. 16: OpenMM: Accelerating, Customizing MD Simulations on GPUs, V. Pande, Stanford
Jan. 21: Using HOOMD-blue for Polymer Simulations and Big Systems, J. Glaser, Univ. of Michigan
Jan. 23: Tesla K40, World’s Fastest GPU Accelerator, G. Gupta, NVIDIA
Jan. 29: GPU Database for Big Data Analytics, Interactive Visualization, T. Mostak, T. Graham, map-D
Jan. 30: Debugging CUDA Fortran using Allinea


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Jan. 16: Sydney
Jan. 23: Seattle
Jab. 23: Brisbane
Jan. 27, Silicon Valley
Jan. 27: Chicago
Jan. 28: Paris
Jan. 29: New York City
Feb. 1: Minneapolis

Note: New GPU Meetups have launched in Russia and Norway.


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AmgX: Multi-Grid Accelerated Linear Solvers for Industrial Applications, by Joe Eaton
Peer-to-Peer Multi-GPU Transpose in CUDA Fortran, by Greg Reutsch
CUDACasts Episode 13: Clock, Power, and Thermal Profiling, by Mark Ebersole
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5 Advanced Technologies on NVIDIA's CES Booth, by Brian Caulfield


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CUDA Programming Course (Delft University of Technology)
  Jan. 24, 2014, Delft, Netherlands
Teachers: C. Vuik and Ir. C.W.J. Lemmens

Cloud, Grid and Database Computing (Liguria District of Marine Technology)
  Jan. 29, 2014, La Spezia, Italy

CUDA and OpenACC Training (Univ. of Madrid)
  Feb. 12-13, 2014, Madrid, Spain

GPU Programming and Applications Workshop (IIT Bombay)
  Feb. 24-26, 2014, Mumbai, India

4-Day CUDA Course (Acceleware)
  Feb. 25-28, 2014, Baltimore, Maryland

  March 1-5, 2014, Salt Lake City, Utah

GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2014)
  March 24-27, 2014, San Jose, Calif.
500 sessions | Hands-on developer labs & tutorials
Meet with luminaries, technologists and peers from 50+ countries

4-Day CUDA Course (Acceleware)
  May 6-9, 2014, Calgary, AB, Canada

IEEE Int’l Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium
  May 19-23, 2014, Phoenix, Arizona

(To list an event, email:


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The Best of GTC 2013, Online

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