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This year's GPU Technology Conference drew attendees from 54 countries, offered 340+ sessions, displayed 120+ posters and featured 100+ exhibitors. We recommend taking some time to review and learn from the presentations, all of which are posted online. To get you started, here's a list of some of our top picks:


•  NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang introduces the Kepler compute architecture and more...
•  Princeton's Iain Couzin reveals what we can learn from collective animal (and human)

•  Part-Time Scientists Robert Hoehme and Wes Faler share their plans to put a rover on
    the moon...

Session Videos and Slidecasts

•  Inside Kepler
•  CUDA 5 and Beyond
•  Languages, APIs and Development Tools
•  Compiling CUDA and Other Languages for GPUs
•  New Features in the CUDA Programming Model

Parallel Forall Blog: Session Reviews

•  Languages, APIs and Development Tools
    By Michael Wang, guest blogger, Melbourne GPU Meetup
•  Programming GPUs with OpenACC
    By Adnan Boz, guest blogger, South Florida GPU Meetup
•  CUDA 5 and Beyond
    By Michael Wang, guest blogger, Melbourne GPU Meetup
•  Scaling Applications to 1000 GPUs and Beyond
    By Adnan Boz, guest blogger, South Florida GPU Meetup
•  Swift: Smith-Waterman Sequence Alignment
    By Jike Chong, guest blogger, Silicon Valley GPU Meetup
•  Inside Kepler
    By Tomasz Bednarz, guest blogger, Sydney GPU Meetup
•  Faster Finite Elements for Wave Propagation
    By Kenneth A. Lloyd, guest blogger, New Mexico GPU Meetup

NVIDIA Blog: Feature Stories

•  GTC Wraps Up...
•  From BioDigital to Zoobe...
•  LEGO Locks in on CUDA...


The May meeting of the Silicon Valley GPU Meetup was held on-site at GTC, and we had a full house in attendance, including folks from Europe and Australia. NVIDIA's Chris Malachowsky presented on "GPU Computing: How Did We Get Here?" Meetups are a great way to network with people in your area. Upcoming events include:

June 6 - GPU Meetup, Paris
June 18 - GPU Meetup, Silicon Valley
June 19 - GPU Meetup, Paris
June 20 - GPU Meetup, New Mexico
June 25 - GPU Meetup, New York
June 27 - GPU Meetup, Boston
June 28 - GPU Meetup, Brisbane, Australia


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- Workshop on Emerging Parallel Architectures (WEPA 2012)
June 2-4, 2012, Omaha, Nebraska

- International Mathematica Symposium (University College, London)
June 11-13, 2012, London, UK

- ISC '12
June 17-21, 2012, Hamburg, Germany

- Aquila (NVIDIA Webinar)
June 20, 2012, 9:00 am pacific
Note: Aquila is an open-source toolkit for cognitive and neuro-robotics

- Micromethods in Protein Chemistry
June 25-27, 2012, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

- International Congress of Quantum Chemistry
June 25-30, 2012, Boulder, Colorado

- Parallel Computing Summer School (CINECA)
July 2-13, 2012 (in Italian), Bologna, Italy
Sept. 3-14, 2012 (in English), Bologna, Italy

- Computational Chemistry (Gordon Research Conferences)
July 22-27, 2012, West Dover, Vermont

- Summer School of Advanced Computing (CASPUR)
Aug. 27-Sept. 7, 2012, Rome, Italy

(To list an event, email:


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