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CUDA Week in Review Newsletter
Mon., May 6, 2013, Issue #92 Newsletter Home
Welcome to CUDA: WEEK IN REVIEW, a news summary for the worldwide CUDA, GPGPU and parallel programming community.
CUDA Pro Tip: Did you know you can write flexible kernels with grid-stride loops? Learn more in this Parallel Forall blog post.


Aron Broom GPUs-Accelerated Molecular Dynamics
This week’s Spotlight is on Aron Broom. Aron is a researcher at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, where he works on the molecular engineering of protein structure and function.

Read our interview with Aron Broom.


INCITE Call for Proposals
Accelerate your work on Titan, world’s #1 supercomputer for science, by harnessing more than 20 petaflops of parallel processing using GPUs. INCITE seeks computationally intensive, large-scale research projects that can make high-impact scientific and engineering advances. Learn more.

Upcoming Webinars
May 22: Molecular Shape Searching on GPUs: Brave New World (Presenter: Paul Hawkins, OpenEye)
June 12: Accelerating Existing Monte Carlo Code (Presenter: Hicham Lahlou, Xcelerit)


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Universidade Federal da Paraiba (UFPB) in Brazil seeks post-doctoral fellow for quantum chemistry and GPU computing, starting immediately. Qualifications include recent PhD in chemistry, physics, math or similar. CUDA experience a plus. Email: gbr@quimica.ufpb(dot)br and santanasidney@quimica.ufpb(dot)br


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Intro to Parallel Programming: Explore parallel programming for the first time or push your knowledge even further with Intro to Parallel Programming on the Udacity platform. The course runs continuously, meaning you can sign up at any time and work on it at your own pace. The first group of students recently completed the course. Read about the top scorers here.


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How to Build a GPU-Accelerated Research Cluster, by Pradeep Gupta
Write Flexible Kernels with Grid-Stride Loops, by Mark Harris
Copperhead: Data Parallel Python, by Brian Catanzaro
Finite Difference Methods in CUDA C++, Part 2, by Mark Harris

Trump Card: Why a Pro Poker Player Bet on CUDA, by Brian Caulfield
Better Batting with CUDA, by Brian Caulfield
Students, GPUs Sweep Asian Supercomputing Competition, by Roy Kim
Thanks to GPUs, Every Movie’s Now a Remake, by Tony Kontzer


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Have you been to a Meetup yet? Join one or start your own. Upcoming events:
May 8, London - HPC Social
May 9, Melbourne, FL - Marketing Tech to Government Customers
May 20, New York - GPUs in the Cloud
May 20, Silicon Valley - Building GPU Compilers with libNVVM


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2-Day CUDA Training (AccelerEyes)
  May 6-7, 2013, Austin, Texas

4-Day CUDA Course (Acceleware)
  May 7-10, 2013, San Francisco, Calif.
Instructor: Dr. Kelly Goss

Intro to GPGPU and CUDA Programming (CINECA)
  May 9-10, 2013, Bologna, Italy (In English)

GPU Workshop (University of Alicante)
  May 9-10, 2013, Alicante, Spain

2-Day CUDA Workshop for Defense/Intelligence (NVIDIA, HP, Acceleware)
  May 21-22, 2013, Annapolis, Maryland
Free. Advance registration required.

Molecular Shape Searching on GPUs: Brave New World (Webinar)
  May 22, 2013, 9:00 am pacific time
Presenter: Paul Hawkins, OpenEye

2-Day CUDA Workshop for Defense/Intelligence (NVIDIA, HP, Acceleware)
  May 23-24, 2013, Herndon, Virginia
Free. Advance registration required.

2-Day CUDA Training (AccelerEyes)
  May 27-28, 2013, Atlanta, Georgia

June - July

Intro to CUDA Programming (PRACE, BSC)
  June 3-7, 2013, Barcelona, Spain

Rencontre des Chimistes Theoriciens du Grand-Est
  June 7-8, 2013, Reims, France

2-Day CUDA Training (AccelerEyes)
  June 10-11, 2013, Baltimore-Washington, DC

Accelerating Existing Monte Carlo Code: CVA, CCR Examples (Webinar)
  June 12, 2013
Presenter: Hicham Lahlou, Xcelerit

International Supercomputing Conference (ISC)
  June 16-20, 2013, Leipzig, Germany
Hands-On with CUDA tutorial by NVIDIA, June 16, 9:00 am
Hands-On with OpenACC tutorial by NVIDIA, June 16, 2:00 pm

4-Day CUDA Course (Acceleware)
  June 25-28, 2013, Calgary, AB, Canada
Instructor: Dr. Kelly Goss

PUMPS Summer School
  July 8-12, 2013, Barcelona, Spain
Co-Directors: Mateo Valero (BSC, UPC) and Wen-mei Hwu (University of Illinois)

GPU Summer School (University of Alicante)
  July 22-24, 2013 Alicante, Spain

4-Day CUDA Course (Acceleware)
  July 29-August 1, 2013, San Jose, Calif
Instructor: Dr. Kelly Goss

(To list an event, email:


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GPU-Accelerated Apps

List of 200+ popular GPU-accelerated scientific and research applications (PDF 402KB).

GPU Test Drive

Want to try Tesla K20 for free? Sign up here.

CUDA Documentation

The new CUDA documentation site includes release notes, programming guides, manuals and code samples.

CUDA Online Courses

Udacity Course
Coursera Course

NVIDIA Developer Forums

Join us on the NVIDIA DevTalk forums to share your experience and learn from other developers. You can also ask questions on Stack Overflow, using the ‘cuda’ tag.

CUDA Consulting

Training, programming and project development services are available from CUDA consultants around the world. To be considered for inclusion on list, email: (with CUDA Consulting in subject line).

GPU Computing on Twitter

For daily updates about GPU computing and parallel programming, follow @gpucomputing on Twitter.



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