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CUDA Week in Review Newsletter
Wed., Sept. 25, 2013, Issue #101 Newsletter Home


A news summary for the worldwide CUDA, GPGPU and parallel programming community.
CUDA Pro Tip: Use the NVIDIA Tools Extension (NVTX) library to add detailed CPU run-time data to the NVIDIA profiler timeline. Learn more in the Parallel Forall blog.


Dr. Knut Reinert CUDA-Accelerated Genomics
This week’s Spotlight is on Dr. Knut Reinert, a professor at Freie Universitat in Berlin, Germany. Knut and his team focus on the development of algorithms and data structures for the analysis of biomedical mass data.

Read the interview with Knut | Enroll in Knut’s Oct. 22 webinar


Tell Us Your CUDA Story
At SC13, NVIDIA will highlight CUDA stories from around the world. If you are a CUDA developer, tell us how you are using CUDA in 140 characters or less. Your submission will be considered for display in the NVIDIA booth and/or on the NVIDIA website. Respond here by Oct. 11.

New GPU-Accelerated Apps
Check out the updated list of 240+ GPU-accelerated applications, from research and manufacturing to seismic processing and entertainment.

Fast JPEG Codec from Fastvideo
Russia-based Fastvideo released a new JPEG codec for GPUs. It utilizes CUDA to speed up image compression and decompression. Peak performance reaches 6 GB per second (and higher for images loaded into RAM).

Numerical Computations with GPUs
Volodymyr Kindratenko of the University of Illinois is editing a book titled "Numerical Computations with GPUs." It will contain articles on core numerical methods adapted for GPUs. Researchers are invited to submit their work for consideration for inclusion in the book.

HPC Experiment
The Ubercloud HPC Experiment has extended an open invitation to members of the HPC community: "Join us for the 4th Round of the HPC Experiment, where we will apply the cloud computing service model to workloads on remote cluster computing resources in the areas of HPC, computer aided engineering and the life sciences."

HPCwire: Phi and Kepler Run Monte Carlo Race
HPCwire editor Nicole Hemsoth interviews Jorg Lotze, CTO of Xcelerit about recent benchmarking efforts.

GTC 2014 Call for Submissions
Call for Submissions for the GPU Technology Conference (March 24-27, 2014) is open through Sept. 27.

Compute the Cure
The NVIDIA Foundation is awarding up to $200k to a cancer research project. Applications due Oct. 7.

Upcoming Webinars
Sept. 26: Profile OpenGL 4.2 with NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition 3.1, Jeff Kiel, NVIDIA
Oct. 9: OpenACC 2.0 vs OpenMP 4.0 Comparison, James Beyer, Cray
Oct. 22: Intro to SeqAn, an Open-Source C++ Template Library, Knut Reinert, FU Berlin


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Thomson Reuters, a leading provider of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, seeks senior software engineer for StarMine Quant Analytics project. CUDA skills a plus.


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Profile OpenGL 4.2 and NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition 3.1 (Webinar)
  Sept. 26, 2013
Presenter: Jeff Kiel, NVIDIA


  Oct. 7-11, 2013, Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
Instructors: A. Roiberg, R. Walker, S. LeGrand, R. Salomon-Ferrer

2-Day CUDA Training (AccelerEyes)
  Oct. 7-8, 2013, Houston, Texas

GPU Computing and Applications (Nanyang Tech. University)
  Oct. 9, 2013, Nanyang, Singapore

2-Day CUDA Training (AccelerEyes)
  Oct. 21-22, 2013, Atlanta, Georgia

Intro to SeqAn, an Open-Source C++ Template Library (Webinar)
  Oct. 22, 2013
Presenter: Knut Reinert, FU Berlin

SC ’13
  Nov. 17-22, 2013, Denver, Colorado

Parallel and Distributed Computing in Geoscience and Remote Sensing
  Dec. 23-26, 2013, Seoul, Korea
Note: IEEE Workshop

(To list an event, email:


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