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Welcome to the First Issue of "CUDA: Week in Review"
We´ve created this online newsletter to update you on the dynamic world of CUDA and GPU Computing. Each week we´ll be rounding up news and information from NVIDIA and our partners and customers. We hope you enjoy it! Questions or suggestions? Email us at
Sneak Peek at Adobe´s GPU–Powered Mercury Playback Engine
Adobe´s cool new Mercury Playback engine is described by Dennis Radeke as "rocket fuel for your car." Learn more here:
Modeling Space Dust with CUDA GPUs
Ben at Benchpress writes: "GPU Meets Spacedust: Dust can be a pain if you´re an astronomer. In the same way that clouds obscure a view of the night–sky, interstellar dust can distort an astronomer´s view of interesting astronomical phenomena…" Learn more at:
CUDA Education
Acceleware, Colfax Offer 2-Day CUDA Training Courses
Jan–Feb 2010, Sunnyvale, CA. Topics include: Overview of GPU Computing; Memory Allocation and Memory Transfers; Data–Parallel Architectures; CUDA Memory Model and Thread Cooperation. Sign up here:
Upcoming Webinar on "Fermi" – Next Gen CUDA Architecture
NVIDIA´s Sumit Gupta will present a live webinar on the new Tesla GPU Compute solutions built on Fermi and the performance capabilities they offer customers tackling compute–intensive problems. Dec. 16, 2009, 10–11 a.m. pacific. Register now at:
CUDA and GPU Computing Courses
Over 250 universities are teaching CUDA and GPU Computing courses! See the list here:
New on CUDA Zone: Biologically Inspired Stereoscopic Vision Model in CUDA C
Learn how CUDA is being used to model depth perception. Authored by Carvalho, De Souza, Veronese, Oliveira. Read more at:
White Paper from The Mathworks on GPU Acceleration in MATLAB
Topics include: Identifying classes of applications well-suited for GPU acceleration; Modifying a CUDA file for use in MATLAB; Accelerating a MATLAB implementation of a power series; Comparing CPU and GPU implementation performance. Download here:
Supercomputing 2009 Presentations
Videos from NVIDIA´s Supercomputing 09 booth are now online, including presentations from Harvard, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, Sandia, and Tokyo Tech, at:
GPU Technology Conference Papers and Keynotes
Lots of great content from the GPU Technology Conference, Sept. 30–Oct. 2, is now posted online at:
Updated Drivers
OpenCL drivers are now available in NVIDIA´s public UDA drivers (R195 and later) at Updated versions of the OpenCL Visual Profiler and GPU Computing SDK (with OpenCL code samples) are available as part of the CUDA Toolkit 3.0 beta:
New Visual Studio Tools
GPU developers: Apply for the beta version of NVIDIA´s new Visual Studio–integrated tools code–named "Nexus". The Nexus beta can help you debug your CUDA C code directly on the GPU hardware, do performance analysis across both the CPU and GPU, and more! Sign up at:
Siggraph Asia
NVIDIA will be at Siggraph Asia, Yokohama, Japan, Dec. 16-19. NVIDIA´s David Kirk will speak on "The Power of Heterogeneous Computing" on Dec. 17 at 11 a.m. For more information, go to:
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