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University of Maryland Named CUDA Center of Excellence
University of Maryland has been recognized as a CUDA Center of Excellence. Amitabh Varshney‚ Professor of Computer Science‚ comments: "Maryland was one of the first universities to start integrating the use of GPUs and the CUDA architecture into our courses and research." Other CCOEs include Cambridge University‚ Chinese Academy of Sciences‚ Harvard‚ National Taiwan University‚ Tokyo Institute of Technology‚ Tsinghua University‚ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign‚ University of Tennessee and University of Utah. See:
Moldex Adds CUDA Support
Moldex3D is a 3D injection molding simulation software that helps users evaluate and optimize part and mold designs before manufacturing and production. "We are impressed with the computational speed up that we have seen with NVIDIA´s GPUs‚" says Dr. David Hsu‚ Vice President R&D of CoreTech System Co.‚ Ltd. See:

CUDA Power for Bunkspeed
Bunkspeed‚ a provider of rendering and visualization software‚ has selected iray rendering technology from mental images to power its next-generation photorealistic rendering application‚ called Bunkspeed SHOT. Bunkspeed SHOT´s integration with iray will exploit the parallel processing power of CUDA-enabled GPUs. See:
Adobe´s Mercury Playback Engine is Fast
In a recent nTersect blog entry‚ NVIDIA´s Mark Priscaro writes: "Adobe has redesigned their video rendering and playback engine to harness the CUDA parallel processing architecture of Quadro GPUs. The result is a fluid‚ real-time editing experience for adding additional effects‚ multiple layers‚ or ultra high resolution content. No more wasting time waiting for things like Encoding and Exporting progress bars to slowly fill the box." Read more about the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine here:
Kaspersky Labs Uses GPUs to Speed Virus Sorting
Tech pub VentureBeat recently covered Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab‚ writing: "Kaspersky‚ which entered the U.S. market in 2005‚ protects 250 million users from cyber threats. It has to analyze tens of thousands of files each day to figure out if they´re variants of known computer viruses. To help with the process‚ it started using CUDA to assist in the filtering." See the article and video here:
New on CUDA Zone: Acceleration of Neural Network Computations Using the GPU
Neural networks‚ which are amazingly parallel‚ are used in pattern recognition‚ robotic controllers‚ and military applications‚ among others. For these networks to be useful they need to be trained; standard back-propagation is one of the common methods used to train them. In this study‚ CUDA is used to implement these algorithms on the GPU. Citation: A. Guzhva‚ S. Dolenko‚ I. Persiantse; Lomonosov Moscow State University. See:
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CUDA Education
Call for Papers
- Dependable Multi-Core Computing Workshop‚ Caen‚ France. Papers due 2/15/10. See:
- Frontier of GPU Computing (FGC 2010) Workshop‚ UK. Paper deadline: 2/26/10. See:
- Call for Participation! Symposium on Chemical Computations on GPGPUs. Abstracts due 4/5/10. See:
Workshop at Stanford
Molecular Dynamics Workshop Series‚ 3/01/10-3/02/10‚ at Stanford. For more info:
CUDA and GPU Computing Courses
Over 305 universities are teaching CUDA and GPU Computing courses. See the list:
Call for Participation: "GPU Computing Gems"
NVIDIA and Professor Wen-mei Hwu of the University of Illinois‚ Urbana-Champaign are accepting article submissions for "GPU Computing Gems." More info:
Upcoming Webinars
GPU Computing using CUDA C - An Introduction
02/15/10‚ 9 pm pacific:
02/18/10‚ 10 am pacific:

GPU Computing using CUDA C - Advanced 1
02/15/10‚ 9 pm pacific:
02/26/10‚ 10 am pacific:

GPU Computing using CUDA C - Advanced 2
02/22/10‚ 9 pm pacific:
03/05/10‚ 10 am pacific:

GPU Computing and OpenCL - An Introduction
3/19/10‚ 10 am pacific:

GPU Computing and OpenCL - Advanced 1
3/26/10‚ 10 am pacific:
Par4All Open Source Environment
Par4All is a new open source environment enabling source-to-source transformations on C and Fortran programs on various targets‚ including CUDA C and OpenCL. See:
GPU Development Environment Update
NVIDIA´s new GPU development environment (codenamed Nexus) is now called "NVIDIA Parallel Nsight." Register at for access to the Beta program.
Parallel Processing Textbook
"Programming Massively Parallel Processors: A Hands-on Approach‚" co-written by Dr. David B. Kirk‚ NVIDIA Fellow‚ and Professor Wen-mei Hwu of the University of Illinois‚ is available at: Elsevier or Amazon.
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