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CUDA and HD Video: Olympian Style
In the spirit of the Vancouver 2010 Games, Seattle-based VholdR is teaming up with NVIDIA next week to demonstrate a groundbreaking HD “headcam” called ContourHD. This hands-free camera’s "cool factor" is that it captures dramatic 1080p high-def video of high-speed adventures, whether you are zooming down ski slopes, doing a daring sky dive, or white-river rafting on class 6 rapids. The HD video, which plays back smoothly on NVIDIA ION netbooks, can be edited for image quality and stabilization and shared on iPhones using CUDA-accelerated software like MotionDSP’s vReveal, CyberLink’s MediaShow Espresso, and Elemental’s Badaboom. Capturing, editing, and sharing action-packed HD video is a fast-growing trend and NVIDIA will partner with VholdR to demo this technology at popular events around the country, including the X Games. The ContourHD headcam can be worn on goggles and helmets or attached to bikes and vehicles. It’s time to tap into your inner Olympian! Learn more about VholdR here:
Gene Sequence Analysis Just Got Faster Using GPUs
With NVIDIA’s recently-announced Tesla Bio Workbench, complex molecular simulations that had been possible only with supercomputing resources can now be run on individual workstations, optimizing the scientific workflow and accelerating the pace of research. Tesla Bio Workbench now offers a range of sequence analysis and docking applications that are accelerated using GPUs, including BLASTP, HMMER, MUMmer, MEME, Smith Waterman and short-read error-correction. Read here for more info:
CUDA on YouTube
While browsing on YouTube, we found some informative videos posted by CUDA aficionados to share with you:

Ocean Simulation with CUDA
Posted by: sebAlyo035
Web description: "Video demo of Alyotech's real-time ocean simulator captured using an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280. The software uses both OpenGL and CUDA. The sea surface generation is based on the ‘choppy wave’ model."

Neural Network Analysis with CUDA
Posted by: MultiNeurons
Web description: "This is a spiking neural network composed of about 65,000 neurons using the CUDA C/C++ extension. 20% are inhibitory neurons and the remaining are excitatory. Each neuron has 64 presynaptic neurons placed on a 3D cube."

Geometry Instancing with CUDA
Posted by: ber85it
Web description: "GPU-accelerated path following NVIDIA CUDA and OpenGL geometry instancing. ISISLab, University of Salerno."

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