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Las Vegas–based CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is one of the hottest consumer technology events on the planet. CUDA is at CES in full force this week as NVIDIA demonstrates new mainstream apps on the CUDA architecture, including:
– Mirics FlexiTV – Software TV tuner
– Motion DSP vReveal HD – Real–time hi–def video enhancement
– Muvee Reveal, Netbook Edition – Photo, video and audio creation tool optimized for ION GPUs
– Nik Tech Demo – Photo editing

NVIDIA is also showing these cool examples of how CUDA acceleration benefits the consumer:
– ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre with SimHD – DVD upscaling to near–HD quality
– CyberLink MediaShow 5 – Photo face tagging, video editing and media conversion
– CyberLink Power Director 7 – Video editing
– Roxio Creator – Media conversion
The Making of Avatar
As James Cameron´s Avatar takes the world by storm, visual effects company Weta Digital reflects on the creation process, saying: "The complexity of Avatar motivated us to think about rendering differently." Read the TG Daily article to learn how innovation from Weta and NVIDIA made a difference:
New Project on Google Code
Now you can run your CUDA program on a multi–core CPU using "gpuocelot" via a new project on Google Code. Read the article here:
Ingrain's Digital Rock Physics Lab
A new video on YouTube from Ingrain shows the fractional flow of oil and water in porous media with speed ups from CUDA GPUs. Check it out here:
GIS Systems Help Cities Be More Responsive
City planners turn to parallel processing and GIS (geo info systems) for fast emergency response and crime prevention. Learn more here:
CUDA Education
Call for Papers!
– GPGPU Workshop. Papers due 1/15/10. Go to:
– HotPar Workshop on Hot Topics in Parallelism. Papers due 1/24/10. Go to:
Webinar on "Fermi" – Next–Gen CUDA Architecture
NVIDIA´s Sumit Gupta will present a live webinar on the new Tesla GPU Compute solutions built on "Fermi." Wed., 1/13/10, 10am pst. Register here:
Acceleware, Colfax Offer 2–Day CUDA Training Courses
Jan. 2010 and Feb. 2010, Sunnyvale, CA. Topics include: Overview of GPU Computing; Memory Allocation and Memory Transfers; Data-Parallel Architectures. Sign up here:
New on CUDA Zone: Visualization of Cosmological Simulations
Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have implemented a system that uses hierarchical level–of–detailing for the results of cosmological simulations in order to display visually accurate results without loading in the full dataset (containing over 10 billion points). Authors: Szalay, Springel, Lemson. See it here:
Submit Your Work
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– CUDA Toolkit 3.0 Beta Now Available. Download it here:
– TechRadar: "NVIDIA´s CUDA/Fermi architecture explained." Read it here:
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