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International Highlights
France: The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) and NVIDIA are co–hosting a seminar on 1/28/10 in Paris for finance professionals who want to learn how to implement fast, efficient Monte Carlo models on the CUDA architecture. See:

Japan: RIKEN, one of the most prestigious research institutes in Japan, is the site of an upcoming computing conference to be keynoted by NVIDIA CEO Jen–Hsun Huang. RIKEN conducts research across a wide range of fields, including physics, chemistry, medical science, biology, and engineering. The conference takes place on 1/28/10 – 1/29/10. See:

Taiwan: A GPU Computing seminar is being held on 1/22/10 at the National Taiwan University. This event provides an opportunity for government agencies, universities, and research institutions to showcase their work and meet other professionals who are using CUDA. See:
"Rugged Implementation" of CUDA GPUs
GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, has announced the GRA111 high–performance graphics board, the first "rugged implementation of a CUDA–capable GPU." The GRA111 is the initial member of GE Fanuc’s planned family of CUDA–enabled products. These products are expected to revolutionize military and aerospace embedded computing by bringing a supercomputing capability to applications/environments that require leading–edge processing, such as radar, signals intelligence, and video surveillance and interpretation.See:
CUDA Education
Call for Papers!
– HotPar Workshop on Hot Topics in Parallelism. Papers due 1/24/10. Go to:
– Dependable Multi–Core Computing Workshop. Papers due 2/15/10. Contact:
Graduate Fellowship Program
NVIDIA’s Graduate Fellowship Program applications are due 2/3/10. Learn more:
Fermi Webinar
See the presentation on CUDA/Fermi made by NVIDIA’s Sumit Gupta on 1/13/10:
CUDA and GPU Computing Courses
Over 295 universities are teaching CUDA and GPU Computing courses. See the list:
New on CUDA Zone: Monte Carlo Simulation of Photon Migration
This paper demonstrates that the GPU–based Monte Carlo simulation is a practical solution for data analysis in a wide range of diffuse optical imaging applications, such as human brain or small–animal imaging. The code was implemented with CUDA C, achieving an acceleration ratio of above 300. Citation: Qianqian Fang and David A. Boas, "Monte Carlo Simulation of Photon Migration in 3D Turbid Media Accelerated by GPUs," Optics Express 17, 20178–20190(2009). See:
Submit Your Work
Have a CUDA–related paper or research? Show it on CUDA Zone. Submission form:
Check out this real–time "Mandelbrot zoomer" in SSE assembly and CUDA C created by Thanassis Tsiodras: . Trivia fact: Mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, known as the father of fractal geometry, is a dual French and American citizen.

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