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CUDA Toolkit 3.1

Today NVIDIA released version 3.1 of the CUDA Toolkit, providing developers with improved performance and programming flexibility.  Features include access to CUDA memory for third party devices as well as new SDK code samples.
–Download CUDA Toolkit 3.1 at

New CUDA Seminars
If you've been looking for a good reason to visit the French Riviera, be sure to check out:
Hybrid Cloud Computing with NVIDIA GPUs and ProActive Parallel Suite
Date: July 8
Where: INRIA, University of Nice, Sophia Antipolis, France
Learn more about INRIA:
Learn more about ProActive Parallel Suite:

And if you are in the mood for London, consider this:
NVIDIA Bio Workbench and AMBER 11
Date: July 8
Where: Imperial College, London
Guest speakers: Dr. Ross Walker (UCSD) and Dr. Ian Gould (ICL)
Sponsored by: Petapath, SuperMicro, NVIDIA
Learn more about AMBER 11:
Learn more about NVIDIA Bio Workbench:
StreamBase – Taking Wall Street to the Next Level
StreamBase Systems announced this week in New York that it is working with NVIDIA to offer best-of-breed computing capability for the capital markets. Firms whose traders and quants want to rapidly test out new trading strategies against large amounts of historical data can now combine StreamBase technology with NVIDIA Tesla GPUs to accelerate time to deployment.

"Advanced technologies are taking Wall Street to the next level," said Richard Tibbetts, CTO at StreamBase. "This partnership underscores the technical revolution in the financial industry."

"When you're talking about trading where microseconds make a difference, the extra hops within the server can make a difference," said Kevin McPartland, Senior Analyst at TABB group. "We are seeing renewed interest in GPU technology not only for options, but also for multi-asset analytics."
AccelerEyes - Achieving Maximum Performance with GPUs
AccelerEyes has posted a video and slide deck from the recent webinar "Rapid Application Development Platform for GPGPUs: Jacket with MATLAB". AccelerEyes enables scientists, engineers and analysts to transform serial applications into high-performance GPU-enabled versions. See:
New on CUDA Zone: Phase-Based Volume Registration Using CUDA
Authors: Anders Eklund, Mats Andersson, Hans Knutsson; Linkoping Univ., Sweden
Application Domain: Medical Imaging
Extract: "We present a method for fast phase-based registration of volume data for medical applications…. We achieve a speedup of 10-30X compared to our CPU implementation, which makes fast phase-based registration possible for large medical volumes." Presented at IEEE ICASSP Conference 2010. See:
CUDA Zone: Have a CUDA-related app or paper? Let us know when you post it on CUDA Zone and we'll send you a CUDA t-shirt!
Dolby in Silicon Valley is looking for a video encoding engineer. Prerequisite: Expert knowledge of H.264 and video base-band processing, and implementation of these in consumer and PC products. Requires intimate familiarity with architecture-specific optimizations such as x86, GPGPU/OpenGL, CUDA. See:
GPU Computing Webinars (CUDA C, OpenCL, Parallel Nsight and more…)
See webinar schedule: Upcoming events include:
– Intro to MainConcept's CUDA H.264/AVC Encoder, Tuesday, June 29, 2010,
   9:00 a.m. pacific
– Intro to OpenCL Development with gDEBugger CL, Tuesday, July 6, 2010, 9:00 a.m. pacific
CUDA Summer School
Barcelona Computing Week: Programming and Tuning Massively Parallel Systems
– When: July 5-9
– Where: Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain
– Instructors: Wen-mei Hwu, UIUC and David Kirk, NVIDIA fellow
– See:

CUDA Programming on GPUs
– When: July 26-30
– Where: University of Oxford, U.K.
– Instructors: Prof. Mike Giles
– See:

Proven Algorithmic Techniques for Many-Core Processors
– When: Aug. 2-6
– Where: Choice of onsite locations, or online
– Instructors: Wen-Mei Hwu, UIUC and David Kirk, NVIDIA fellow
– See:

Workshop on GPU Programming for Molecular Modeling
– When: Aug. 6-8
– Where: Beckman Institute for Advanced Science & Tech, UIUC
– Instructors: John Stone, Jim Phillips, David Hardy, Kirby Vandivort of UIUC
– See:
CUDA Training
– CUDA training from Acceleware
July 26-30, Cambridge, Mass: (with Microsoft)
August 2-6, New York City: (with Microsoft)
Sept. 13-17, Calgary:

– CUDA training from SagivTech
CUDA course: July 12-14, Ra’anana, Israel
GPU/Image Processing course: Aug. 2-4, Ra’anana, Israel
CUDA/Image Processing course: Sept. 27-29, San Francisco (following GTC)

– CUDA training from EMPhotonics
On-site standard and customized training programs
CUDA Research and Certification
NVIDIA has launched new programs for GPU Computing developers. For more info, see:
CUDA and Academia
Over 350 universities are teaching CUDA and GPU Computing courses.
CUDA Center of Excellence Program
The CUDA Center of Excellence (CCOE) Program recognizes universities that are expanding the frontier of massively parallel computing using CUDA. See:
High Performance Graphics 2010
June 25-27, Saarbrucken, Germany

GPUs in Chemistry and Materials Science
June 28-30, Univ. of Pittsburgh

NVIDIA Bio Workbench and AMBER 11
July 8, Imperial College London
July 16, University of Manchester

Hybrid Cloud Computing with NVIDIA GPUs and ProActive Parallel Suite
July 8, INRIA, University of Nice, Sophia Antipolis, France

Symposium on Application Accelerators in High-Performance Computing
   (SAAHPC 2010)

July 13-15, University of Tennessee at Knoxville (registration closes July 1)

Parallel Symbolic Computation 2010 (PASCO)
July 21-23, Grenoble, France

July 25-29, Los Angeles

Virtual School of Comp. Science & Engineering Summer School
Aug. 2-6, choice of onsite locations

Symposium on Chemical Computations on GPGPUs
Aug. 22-26, Boston

Unconventional High Performance Computing 2010 (UCHPC 2010)
Aug. 31-Sept. 1, Italy

GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2010
Sept. 20-23, San Jose, Calif. (register today, space is limited)

Supercomputing 2010
Nov. 13-19, New Orleans, LA

IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium
May 16-20, 2011, Anchorage, AL

(To list an event, email:

CUDA Articles in Dr. Dobb's
– Supercomputing for the Masses, Part 18:
– Supercomputing for the Masses, Part 17:
– Supercomputing for the Masses, Part 16:
– Supercomputing for the Masses, Part 15:
CUDA Books
– Programming Massively Parallel Processors by D. Kirk, W. Hwu:
– See additional books here:
CUDA Toolkit
– Download CUDA Toolkit 3.0:
– OpenCL v1.1 pre-release drivers and SDK code samples are available to GPU
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