McKinley Elementary School and Community Center
651 Macredes Ave
San Jose, CA 95116

Saturday, December 5, 2009
9:30am – 4:00pm
   Complete repainting of school and community center
   Building outdoor classroom/community gathering place
   Painting murals
   Remodel community center and computer lab
   Improve playgrounds and sports fields
   Landscape adjacent community park
   Build storage for classrooms
For the past two years NVIDIA has focused on improving schools but this year we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help out this entire community. Over 500 children attend McKinley Elementary School and thousands of residents use the community center, playgrounds and sports fields each week.

One of the factors that’s important to NVIDIA in selecting a community is making sure the residents are very committed to improving the neighborhood and getting rid of any gang violence. We’re very impressed with the work being done by the neighborhood outreach team and encouraged by the city of San Jose’s dedication to improving many facets of the community through its Strong Neighborhood Initiative.

Our hope is that Project Inspire will further increase the community’s commitment and turn the space into an education and recreation destination for the neighborhood.