History Park, Schmahl Science Workshops and the Kelley Park neighborhood 1650 Senter Road, San Jose, CA
This year NVIDIA sent out a request for proposals to Silicon Valley organiza-
tions and asked them to tell us how we could transform their communities. After narrowing the competition down to a handful of worthy finalists, NVIDIA employees selected History Park San Jose as the location for Project Inspire because it represented an opportunity to:
 Improve the health of an entire neighborhood through access to fresh produce and nutrition education
 Build science facilities for the several thousand children that visit History Park each year
 Renovate a historic park - one of the only free educational and entertainment destinations in San Jose
 Receive ongoing support from 13 community organizations that support the surrounding neighborhood
Our “Victory Garden” project will supply the neighborhood with the tools to grow and maintain their own fresh, nutritious produce and teach youth about the importance of healthy eating and the science of food. The renovation of History Park will enhance the presence of this landmark site among all residents of Silicon Valley.
 Building a Victory Garden – Work side-by-side with community members to develop large community garden plot
 with up to 60 individual beds
 Creating Square Foot Gardens – Help youth build 1,000, 1 ft. x 1 ft. garden boxes so they can grow plants and
 produce at home or school
 Assembling a large working greenhouse where 2,300+ youth can learn science in a hands-on environment
 Reinvigorating History Park – repairing several buildings through carpentry and painting, improving the grounds,
 adding decorative murals, and more!