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FCam library installation

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This is a list of components you will need to get started with FCam on your Tegra Prototype:

  • The Tegra Android Development Pack (TADP) includes all you need to get working on Android in a single download. If you are upgrading from a previous release of TADP, please uninstall the existing version first and  wipe the NVPACK directory. This will ensure a smooth installation of the new version.
  • The Tegra FCam library binary and sources. Please email NVR-Tegra-Prototype-Support@nvidia.com to get the latest version available if you haven't received them already.

Linux notes

To install FCam on a Linux machine, follow the installation steps as outlined below.

Windows notes

The TADP installation on a Windows platform includes Cygwin. Cygwin provides a bash shell and other Unix like utilities. When following the installation steps, open a Cygwin shell (Start -> NVIDIA Corporation -> Tegra Android Developer Pack -> Cygwin) and execute the commands provided in the instructions. When specifying paths, use forward slashes and prefix the directories with /cygdrive/c if not a subtree of your home directory. For example, instead of

export VAR=c:\users\paul\workspace


export VAR=/cygdrive/c/users/paul/workspace/

In addition, Windows requires an Android Device Bridge USB driver to connect to the prototype board. After you have installed the TADP, plug in the prototype board to your development computer using the provided usb cable. Windows will try to install a driver and fail to find one. Go to the Windows Device Manager (Computer -> Properties -> Device Manager) , find the device marked with an exclamation point, and right click on it. Select Properties, go to the Driver tab, and click on Update Driver. Choose 'Browse my computer" and navigate to the TDAP installation directory NVPACK/android-sdk-windows/google-usb_driver. The driver should now be installed.

If you need to flash a new system image, follow the instructions in the FAQ page.

Installation steps

  1. Run the Tegra Android Development Pack (TADP) installer. If the installer asks you whether you want to flash the device, say no. The TADP installer will download the Android SDKs and NDK and could take a few minutes to complete depending on the speed of the internet connection. 
  2. Unpack the FCam archive into a suitable directory (it creates a directory called fcam):

cd YOUR_WORK_DIRECTORY // e.g., cd /Users/myhome/work
unzip fcam-v120314.zip

  1. Set the NDK_MODULE_PATH variable to point to your work directory (the directory above fcam directory). This is something Android NDK needs to find external modules, in this case fcam library. It can be a colon-separated list of paths.

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