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Supersonic Sled

Supersonic Sled

Strap yourself in and get ready to experience the future of gaming realism and interactivity that only the GeForce GTX 400 Series of GPUs can provide. Taking advantage of PhysX, CUDA, DirectX 11, and 3D Vision, Supersonic Sled straps you on a high powered test rocket and hurtles you down a six mile long track in the Nevada desert at speeds in excess of 800 miles an hour. You’ll have to avoid falling rocks, destroy buildings and bridges, and avoid flying off the side of a massive cliff.

Every moving object in the demo is physically simulated using PhysX and CUDA. From the falling rock debris you have to traverse, to the dynamic smoke that swirls around the launch pad when you take off, to the thousands of individual pieces the house and bridge you’ll fly by break into – every interaction between moving objects in Supersonic Sled is simulated on the GeForce GTX 400 Series GPU – helping create one of the most physically realistic and accurately portrayed real-time technology demos ever built. Be sure to turn on Visualize Physics mode to see all the PhysX forces in the demo. And if you really want to have some fun, try breaking the sled apart by throwing chickens at it – or placing crates on the track in front of the sled before it takes off. The best part is that no one run will be exactly the same. Every time you blast down the track in your rocket powered sled, you’ll have a truly unique and dynamic experience.

When you complete a successful Supersonic Sled run, make sure you upload your name and score to the Supersonic Sled Top Scores database.

Technical Notes:

• Now supports 3D Vision Surround technology, with the latest version of Supersonic Sled released in July 2010.
• Rendered using DirectX 11.
• Supports 3D Vision.
• Dynamic tessellation is used to define a vast but interesting landscape for the test.
• PhysX is used to create a truly dynamic experience. The sled, the driver, and the world itself are described physically with rigid body interactions, and simulated particles.
• CUDA-accelerated fluid dynamics model the behavior of the Rocket exhaust smoke is modeled. Watch as the smoke interacts with the environment - swirling around the launch pad, rolling around and over the blast doors.
• Smoke, fire, steam, dust, and other phenomenon are described using tens of thousands of CUDA-accelerated particles.
• Full scene motion blur provides a sense of speed whether the camera is attached to the sled watching the terrain whip by or on solid ground as the sled speeds past.
[221 MB]
Launched with:
GeForce GTX 480 and above
03 July 2010
3D Vision
DirectX 11
Supported Platform(s) (OS):
Windows Vista
Windows 7