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NVIDIA Got Art Josh Harris

NVIDIA Got Art Josh Harris

NVIDIA Got Art / Sketch Match contest was created to bring those in the creative field, students and professionals attending GDC, Siggraph, and NVIDIA’s NVISION, back to their art school roots in a fun and exciting way. The idea was to bring back the raw energy of conceptualizing on the fly, and throw in a fun factor of competition. Hosted by members of our own Creative team, themes for each drawing match were selected on the fly, then contestants were charged with the task of creating a visual that incorporated that particular theme and some form of the NVIDIA logo within 20 minutes. These artists competed for awesome prizes from partners like PNY, Autodesk, Softimage, Adobe, Luxology, and WACOM. The setting was designed to give the feel of the artist’s atelier, which included drawing sawhorses and drawing tools like charcoals, pastels, chalk and an occasional volunteer model. The vibe was fun, the results were great. These wallpapers are a taste of the raw talent we tapped into using random themes like: Big, Monster, Gorgeous, Strong, Mysterious, Ambiguous, and Acceleration, to name a few. In each case you can see some sort of theme and the NVIDIA logo infused into each artist’s interpretive creation.
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10 January 2011